Investment Policy Statements

College and University Endowment Investment Policy Statements:

United States:

Becker College | 2-page draft Investment Policy Statement that includes a commitment to have 100% of Becker's investments produce impact aligned with Becker’s mission by June 30, 2017

Brandeis University l Brandeis University as a Responsible Investor 

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona | The last bullet point in the Endowment Fund Section C: Acceptable Instruments, is about negatively screening fossil fuels.

Clark Atlanta University | Section 2.0: Socially Responsible Investing Guidelines and Ethical Issues and Restrictions

Duke University | Page 4: Guidelines on Socially Responsible Investing 

Earlham College | Sections 3. A and B. and 5 A and B. demonstrate SRI and ESG considerations 

Evergreen State College | Section G: Socially Responsible Investing

Georgetown UniversityPolicy to memorialize the University’s existing commitment to meeting its fiduciary responsibilities in a manner consistent with its Catholic mission and Jesuit identity

Green Mountain College | 1 page document outlining policy for socially responsible investing

Hampshire College | 3 page document on ESG investing policies

Haverford College | 1 page document outlining policy language and ESG considerations of General Partners

Humboldt State University | Section VII: Socially Responsible Investing

Lewis & Clark College | Section 2.D (p. 2): Paragraph indicating that ESG integration supports long term investment objectives and states "Lewis & Clark encourages its managers to include ESG factors in their analytical processes." 

Loyola University of Chicago l Section 1.D outlines responsible and sustainable investing principles to embody Jesuit and Catholic traditions, abide by fiduciary standards applicable to institutional funds, and integrate ESG factors. 

Mennonite Education Agency l Pages 15-17 outline the MEA's 'stewardship investing core values.'

Oregon State University | The investment policy is on pages 8 - 20. Article 10: ESG Review

Pratt Institute l 2 page statement on Fossil Fuel Investment Policy

San Francisco State University | Section 2.H: Social Responsibility Policy and Prohibited Investments

San Jose State University | Page 8 has a section devoted to Social Responsibility 

Stanford University | 2 Page document on SRI. Page 2 has a section on divestment

Swarthmore College l Policy focuses on environmentally responsible investment strategies. 

University of California | 20 page document outlining UC's sustainable investing framework

University of Oregon l One paragraph section indicating the Board 'supports the practice of incorporating environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) factors'

University of Puget Sound | Section XIV on page 11 addresses SRI

University of Vermont | Section 5: Moral, Social and Ethical Considerations in Investment Strategy

University of Washington, Seattle | Policy states divestment from coal companies whose principal business is the mining of coal for energy. Section D: Ethical Considerations, applies negative screens to certain companies doing business in Sudan and to tobacco companies. In 2013, also implemented a range of Global Climate Change Initiatives, as reflected on p.52 of this report

Warren Wilson College | 4 page Responsible Investment Policy

Western University | Section 4: Responsible Investing Policy


Europe and United Kingdom:

London School of Economics l 4 page document that applies to endowment funds originating from grants or donations and the long-term investment of retained surpluses (School endowments)

University of St Andrews | Section 6: Investment Criteria, includes SRI and ESG criteria managers are expected to consider

University of Edinburgh | Policy endorses an "engagement" approach to ethical issues and calls for annual publications regarding companies and funds being invested in



Okanagan College | Section 2. General Investment Guidelines, has a short statement on placing assets into positively screened sustainable investment funds

Simon Fraser University | Responsible Investment Policy, Section 1. D - "Responsible and Sustainable Investing Principles"

University of Ottawa l 4-page guideline for the University's responsible investment approach that is aligned with the industry best practices framework established by the Principles for Responsible Investment

University of Toronto l Responsible Investing Report, outlining its plans to pursue responsible investment strategies

University of Winnipeg | 3 page Responsible Investment Policy



ANU l Standalone "Socially responsible investing" policy

James Cook University l Specific "Sustainable Investments" section in the investment policy

Monash University l Specific paper on ESG integration at the university which focuses on Investment. Overview on page 6

Queensland University of Technology l Statement of responsible investment

Sydney University l In the investment policy the "Statement of intent" mentions to the incorporation of ESG factors and section 9 specifies how this is to be achieved.

University of Newcastle l In the investment policy the "Purpose" mentions the incorporation of ESG factors and section 6 specifies how ESG is to be incorporated into the fund

University of New South Wales l 2-page policy statement references ESG criteria, climate risk, and "establish[ing] and maintain[ing] a climate change strategy for investments that reflect the commitments made under the Paris Agreement"

University of Western Australia l Section 14 outlines the management of ESG risk in the portfolio




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