Stanford University

Stanford University is a private university, located in Stanford, California. Stanford’s $22.4 billion endowment is managed by the Stanford Management Company.

Stanford University is a participant or member of the following Initiatives & Commitments: 

Other Sustainable Investing Practices:

  • Investment Responsibility Stakeholder Relations (IRSR)
    • This site, currently under development, will be home to Investment Responsibility Stakeholder Relations (IRSR) and the Advisory Panel on Investment Responsibility and Licensing (APIRL). Stanford hired the IRSR director, Alison Colwell, in January 2016. 
  • Stanford and Climate Change: A Statement of the Board of Trustees
    • In a statement, the Board of Trustees underlines Stanford's commitment to battling climate change, highlights university initiatives to address it and responds to Fossil Free Stanford's request to divest from the fossil fuel industry. The trustees have concluded that Stanford's endowment will not divest, based on a review of criteria in the university's Statement on Investment Responsibility and input from the Advisory Panel on Investment Responsibility and Licensing. The trustees also announce a new climate task force that will solicit new ideas from across the Stanford community for addressing climate change. The text is linked above.