Terra Alpha Investments

Terra Alpha is an advocacy investment firm that seeks to generate better returns, a better environment, and a better world. Their mission is to demonstrate that Environmentally Productive business practices enhance risk-adjusted returns for businesses and for investors, and to advocate for the more rapid adoption of environmental productivity across the global economic system.

Terra Alpha was established on the following beliefs:

  • Earth's finite natural resources, including clean air and fresh water, are being depleted or negatively impacted by human activity at an unsustainable rate.
  • Our global economic system can and must evolve to a more Environmentally Productive level to accommodate expected population growth.
  • Environmental Productivity generates positive returns for businesses and investors, over reasonable time periods.
  • Asset owners can and should align their portfolios assets with their beliefs and their long-term needs.
  • Investment professionals can improve risk-adjusted returns by incorporating Environmental Productivity measures into their investment decision making.
  • Advocacy and leadership are the best methods for causing change in economic systems. 


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