Weekly News Round-Up: May 24, 2019

As graduation season continues, commencement speakers across the country have been calling on students to envision and build a better future; one made headlines this week with a direct investment in the students he addressed.

Join us on Thursday, May 30th for a discussion of how endowment investing can achieve environmental and social impact alongside returns, and let us know which other topics you’d like to explore in future webinars and events!

IEN in the News

IEN’s Roundtable at Total Impact Philadelphia Offers a Framework for Creating Intentionally Designed Endowments | Intentional Endowments Network Blog

  • Read about a recent IEN roundtable which brought together colleges and university leaders from the Philadelphia region and beyond, in addition to investment firms offering expertise in endowment management.

Opportunities for Action

ESG Survey | Callan

  • Deadline Extended! Callan is conducting a survey to assess U.S. institutional fund sponsors’ perceptions of ESG investment factors, seeking input both from investors who have and have not incorporated these types of factors into their investment decision-making. This survey is intended for U.S.-based asset owners and should be completed by individuals with influence over the investment decision-making process.

SRI Conference Student Scholarship l FAFN Emeriti

  • Deadline: July 8. This scholarship was started and is coordinated by a group of First Affirmative Financial Network emeriti and longtime affiliates to bring young people to The SRI Conference. Winners will be announced in late September. For questions or additional information on this program, please contact SRIscholarship15@gmail.com, and to apply, follow the link above.

Survey: What is the standing of the sustainable finance & ESG community within the wider investment world? | Sustainable Finance Network and Responsible Investor

  • Deadline: June 21. The Sustainable Finance Network has teamed up with Responsible Investor to run a fully anonymous survey on how sustainable finance professionals are being valued. Survey should take 5-7 minutes to complete. Research findings to follow.

2019 Proxy Memos and Exempt Solicitations | Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Proxy Voting Guidebook 2019 | Ceres

Sign-on Opportunities


New Resources & Reports

Improving Antibiotics Stewardship in Livestock Supply Chains: Engagement Update, May 2019 | FAIRR

  • The integration of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) into investment decision making across assets classes is essential to risk mitigation and long-term value creation. The FAIRR Antibiotic Engagement is supported by 73 investors with combined assets of almost $5 trillion. This 2019 progress report on the third phase of the FAIRR Antibiotic Engagement provides in-depth individual company analysis on progress around antibiotic stewardship in the livestock supply chain, as well as key recommendations for investors on how to address AMR risk in their investment portfolios.


Sustainable Investing By Institutional Asset Owners

How Is Brown Investing in Sustainability? | Brown Daily Herald

  • This piece details the process by which Brown University launched its Sustainable Investment Fund in 2016 and has begun promoting the opportunity to donors.

Doane Commits Divestment of Fossil Fuels | DoaneLine

  • Doane University in Nebraska has committed to no longer investing in fossil fuels. Doane currently holds 1.6 percent of their endowment in two direct oil and gas investments. One will mature quickly and then end. The other will continue to mature for ten more years, which Doane is contractually obligated to hold. Doane has committed to edit its Investment Policy to ensure that there will be no new direct investments in the fossil fuel industry.

University of Puget Sound Trustees Affirm Commitment to Reduce Fossil-Fuel Investment in Endowment | The Suburban Times

  • At its May annual meeting, University of Puget Sound’s board of trustees voted to affirm its commitment to reducing fossil fuel investments in the university’s endowment, and expressed its aspiration to work toward an endowment that is entirely fossil-fuel free. The endowment is currently invested in a general portfolio with declining exposure to hydrocarbons and a completely fossil-fuel free portfolio. The endowment’s overall exposure to hydrocarbons (11.5% of the pooled endowment at June 30, 2018) has declined since 2016 and will continue to decrease over time.

Foundations’ 21st-century Obligation: Align Your Endowments with Mission | Generocity

  • This essay, prepared as part of the Total Impact Philadelphia conference, looks at how foundations are moving their endowment investments to strategies that better reflect their institutional mission.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact & ESG Investing

The Investor Revolution | Harvard Business Review

  • Based on interviews with 70 senior executives at 43 global institutional investing firms, Robert Eccles and Svetlana Klimenko provide an in-depth analysis of the evolution of ESG mainstreaming, delving into the trends and factors driving the shift to greater focus on ESG issues, what is still holding back greater adoption of ESG investing, and what companies should do to prepare for a new era of sustainable investing. Listen here to an interview about the article.

Does ESG Investing Produce Better Stock Returns? | The Motley Fool

  • There's plenty of evidence that companies prioritizing ESG issues actually generate superior long-term financial performance across a range of metrics -- including sales growth, return on equity, return on invested capital, and even alpha (market outperformance). This piece summarizes recent evidence, including reports from IEN member investment firms.

Special Report: Sustainable Investing | Institutional Investor

  • This 4-piece, interview-based article looks at “How Themes Create True Impact,” “Key Trends and Inflection Points,” “Things to Watch,” and “The Future of ESG Investing.”

Chartered Financial Analysts Received New Guidance on Sustainable Investing. 4 Points Stand Out. | World Resources Institute

  • In this blog post, IEN member World Resources Institute highlights 4 elements of a recent ESG policy statement by the CFA Institute: Including ESG factors into investment analysis is consistent with fiduciary duty; Better ESG factoring leads to better investment decisions; Companies' ESG disclosures require further improvements in quality, consistency and comparability; and ESG investment products need to provide detailed disclosures about their ESG process.

How SRI Has Changed the Business Case for Environmental Investments | Environmental Leader

  • The emergence of socially responsible investing has changed the debt and equity landscape such that companies with fewer environmental concerns have a significantly lower cost of capital. This is a relatively new variable in making the business case for improving environmental performance with technology upgrades or other costly strategic investments. Now, sustainability professionals can reference peer-reviewed data showing the potential for reducing cost of capital through improved environmental performance.

The PRI’s Drive to Bring Sustainability to Capital Markets | BNP Paribas

  • An interview with Fiona Reynolds, CEO of Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), who talks exclusively to BNP Paribas Asset Management about progress towards a sustainable global financial system and the challenges that remain.

Money Managers Told to Focus Long Term Not Quarter to Quarter – CFA Institute | Pensions & Investments

  • During a panel discussion at the CFA Institute's annual conference in London, speakers agreed the money management industry is too focused on short-term financial performance instead of long-term sustainable investing. Speakers said asset owners question the level of response from managers, and to some extent some of them have been moving assets and proxy activities in-house to address these concerns.

ESG Investing Isn’t About Politics | Barron’s

  • One of the fastest growing—yet often misunderstood—trends influencing global capital markets is the use of ESG principles in investing. And yet misconceptions surrounding ESG investing are still entrenched: notably, that ESG is about politics. But there is no “P” in ESG.

ESG Investing Goes Beyond 'Feel-good Filters' | Wealth Professional

  • This piece looks at recent statements by the Bank of Canada and a report from IEN member Natixis Investment Management to discuss the evolution of ESG strategies.

Report Highlights Structural Shift in Sustainable Investing | The Asset

  • Investing responsibly is gathering momentum across the globe, though Asia still lags far behind Europe, but this may change as Asia’s wealth shifts over to millennial investors.

ESG Accelerates into the Investment Mainstream | Financial Times

  • This “Chart of the Week” and discussion showcases the mainstreaming of ESG principles being integrated into investment strategies.

Shareholder Engagement

Are Pharmaceutical Companies Doing More than Ten Years Ago to Improve Access to Medicine? | Access to Medicine Foundation

  • This is the first ten-year analysis of pharmaceutical companies' actions on access to medicine. It examines the performances of 20 of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies since 2008 in 106 low- and middle-income countries – home to 83% of all people alive today. These companies have been tracked in the Access to Medicine Index since 2008. The Index is now the longest-running independent study of pharmaceutical company behaviour on access to medicine.

Speech to Jeff Bezos during Annual Shareholder Meeting | Medium

  • Amazon Employees for Climate Justice representative Emily Cunningham asks Amazon to adopt a resolution calling for a company-wide plan that matches the urgency and scale of the climate crisis. Read more coverage of the shareholder meeting here.

(Opinion) At Exxon, a Failure of Governance on Climate Risk | Forbes

  • Ceres’ CEO and President Mindy Lubber argues that it’s time investors raise their voices and cast their votes in favor of good governance, and it’s time Exxon introduce an independent party into its board leadership to ensure it can appropriately engage with and act on climate risk.

BP Bosses Get Public Grilling on Climate From Largest Investors | Bloomberg

  • At its annual shareholder meeting, BP faced fierce debate over the company’s plans to tackle climate change and its preparation for the energy transitions.

Banks' Crimes Fail to Repulse Top Fund Managers in the Nordics | Business Times

  • In a region where the concept of ethical investing is regularly held up as a goal, none of the big institutional investors contacted by Bloomberg said they would consider divesting shares of banks under investigation for laundering. A number have taken advantage of share-price declines to add to existing stakes. The funds Bloomberg spoke to said it was their intention to stay invested in order to take on a more activist role.

Community Impact Investing

Rockefeller Foundation Aims to Make Trump Tax Perk Work for Poor | Bloomberg

  • Wall Street’s obsession with a new tax break that rewards investment in low-income areas has raised doubts that the poor will benefit. Can a modest philanthropic effort change that? The Rockefeller Foundation will hand out $5.5 million to help six U.S. cities promote “responsible” investment in areas designated as opportunity zones.

(Listen) Talking Headways Podcast: High Impact Investing in Low Wealth Communities | StreetsBlog USA

  • This podcast features Maurice Jones, president and CEO of Local Initiatives Support Corporation, who talks about working with communities and existing businesses to develop talent in the workforce, breaking down barriers to entry in certain professions such as property development, and the history of policies and practices that intentionally excluded certain populations from opportunity.

Catalyst Launches First Real Estate Opportunity Zone Fund | PE Hub

  • Catalyst, a double bottom-line private equity firm, today announced the launch of their inaugural real estate Opportunity Zone fund. Catalyst plans to raise $150 million for Fund I to invest in high-potential but historically overlooked, small and mid-market U.S. Opportunity Zone communities with high growth potential. Catalyst is committed to leveraging Fund I to maximize both financial returns for investors and social impact for communities by investing in projects that increase access to high-quality jobs, healthcare, education, and housing opportunities for local residents.

Green Bonds

How to Begin Incorporating ESG and Impact Investing into Your Portfolio? Try Munis | Iris

  • For investors and financial advisors looking to step onto the path to ESG and Impact investing, the first step can be an easy one—municipal bonds. Municipal bonds serve as a low-risk, tax efficient asset class that can dampen overall portfolio volatility and provide income. In addition to these favorable investment characteristics, when evaluating ESG and Impact opportunities, municipal bonds should be one of the first sectors that springs to mind.

Starbucks Secures $1 Billion Sustainability Bond | QSR Magazine

  • Starbucks Corporation announced that it has completed issuance of a $1 billion Sustainability Bond. It is the largest Sustainability Bond the company has issued to date and follows two previously issued Sustainability Bonds in 2016 and 2017. As with the two previously issued Sustainability Bonds, funds will support ethically sourced coffee.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Pension Fund Execs Urge More Accommodations for Disabled Workers | Pensions & Investments

  • A group of public pension fund executives, money managers, corporate and union executives are calling on companies "to do more to include people with disabilities in the workforce," according to a statement. "Disability inclusion provides businesses with a great opportunity to improve their bottom lines, while boosting diversity and innovation. We want to know that our investment dollars are being used to maximize a company's potential and its long-term profitability."

‘Checkbox Diversity’ Must Be Left Behind for DEI Efforts to Succeed | Stanford Social Innovation Review

  • Hiring for diversity and then managing for assimilation does not breed innovation. For organizations to succeed at DEI, they must internally embrace people’s different approaches to problem-solving that are shaped by their unique lived experience. It will take patient participatory practice, including a genuine desire to lower egos, listen attentively, and understand what marginalization—beyond the stereotype—means. It will entail combatting entrenched mindsets and behaviors that have led to poor understandings of hegemony and marginalization. It will require instituting the rights for creating sustainable shifts in power. This piece explores strategies to do so.

Asset Owners Putting More Emphasis on Diversity – Study | Pensions & Investments

  • Asset owners with combined assets of more than $8 trillion are considering diversity to improve decision-making, according to a study of 100 global investors by think tank New Financial in collaboration with the U.K. Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association and law firm Pinsent Masons.

Gender Lens Investing

Future Returns: Investing With a Gender Lens | Barron’s

  • Gender lens investing strategies have boomed in recent years, fueled by the #MeToo movement, increased awareness about how women often are treated, and a recognition that companies benefit when diversity and inclusion is fostered. This piece looks at what investing with a gender lens entails, including the work of IEN member Nia Impact Capital.

Meet The Stealth Staffing Firm Increasing Female Representation At KKR, Point72 And Other Wall Street Heavyweights | Forbes

  • Last year, women accounted for just 12% of all CFOs around the world, and at the top 20 global financial services firms, women comprised just 18% of executive committee members. This article profiles Declare, a staffing firm that is helping to change that.

Women ESG Investors Call For Standardized Reporting | Financial Advisor

  • More managers and companies are self-reporting their ESG performance, but a common reporting framework has yet to emerge, according to a panel of women experts. “Impact reporting is going to be huge,” said Jessica Milano, director of ESG Research with Calvert Research and Management. “You will see more firms striving to show their client base the difference that these investments are having and driving positive change on the issues that investors care about.” Milano spoke at a Tearing Down the Pink Wall conference on socially responsible investing, along with Elyse Cherry, CEO and co-founder of BlueHub Capital, and Laura LaRosa, executive director with Glenmede.

Investment Firm News

New Collaborative Looks to Make Market-Rate Investments with Conservation Impact | Conservation Finance Network

  • Impact Capital Managers (ICM), a network of impact-focused venture capital and private equity funds, is out to disprove the notion that investing for impact requires sacrificing financial return. On the contrary, ICM members aim to match or exceed the overall performance of the market, and they believe social and environmental objectives contribute to their success. ICM members invest in companies across a wide range of growth stages and industries, including several with conservation-oriented missions. Since launching in April 2018, the ICM network has grown from 25 funds with a combined $5 billion under management to 40 funds representing over $11 billion of impact capital.

Vanguard's First Actively Managed ESG Fund Now Available For Investment | PR Newswire

  • Vanguard today launched its first actively managed ESG fund, Global ESG Select Stock Fund. The fund's advisor, Wellington Management, will focus on enhancing long-term returns and controlling risks by focusing on ESG practices that can materially impact shareholder returns. To fully align the fund's corporate governance responsibilities with its investment mandate, Wellington Management will also be responsible for voting and engagement activities for the fund.

Generation Closes $1B Growth Fund To Focus On Sustainable Investing | Crunchbase News

  • Generation Investment Management LLP has closed a $1 billion fund dubbed “Generation IM Sustainable Solutions Fund III.” The new fund will focus on “growth-stage companies accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy.” The fund said it will focus on investments in companies with traction in one of three areas, with expected overlap between all three: Planetary health (low carbon solutions transforming mobility, food, energy, and enterprise), People health (enabling health outcomes and a lower-cost, accessible healthcare system), and Financial inclusion (solutions to support financial inclusion and an equitable future of work).

Can a Hedge Fund Make the World Better? | Institutional Investor

  • Atlas Impact Partners has launched one of the first impact investment-themed long-short hedge funds. The vehicle will invest in companies developing solutions for environmental and social problems, while betting against the stocks of businesses seen as damaging to the world.

Economic & Policy Shifts

CEOs of Major Companies Call on U.S. Congress to Set a National Price on Carbon | Ceres

  • More than 75 businesses including eBay, Exelon, Gap, Levi's, Nike, Mars Incorporated, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Tesla and others met with a bipartisan group of federal lawmakers to call on Congress to pass meaningful climate legislation, including a price on carbon. Collectively, the Lawmaker Education & Advocacy Day (LEAD) on Carbon Pricing is the largest business gathering on the Hill to advocate for climate legislation in over a decade.

Morehouse’s Student Loan Forgiveness Is an Incredibly Useful Economics Experiment | Vox

  • Robert Smith, a private equity executive worth an estimated $4.47 billion, is donating approximately $40 million of his fortune to pay off the student loan debt of the graduating class of Morehouse College, an elite, all-male historically black college in Atlanta. The gift has created a sort of “natural experiment” to test the impact of student loan forgiveness on future outcomes. It also shows the limits of even the most generous philanthropy compared to systems-level change. If the most expansive current policy proposals around student debt were adopted, the proposed new taxes would cost Smith $123.1 million a year. That’s triple his Morehouse donation — every single year, to pay for debt forgiveness for students across the country, with special focus on HBCUs.

How a Green New Deal Backer Supports Movement Building—and How It’s Paying Off | Inside Philanthropy

  • Two of the biggest success stories in climate movement building—the Green New Deal and the push for fossil fuel divestment—have had relatively little support from foundations. One exception is the Wallace Global Fund, a progressive funder that helped to seed both before they caught fire. This piece describes their approach.


Climate Risk, Science, and Clean Energy

What If We Covered the Climate Emergency Like We Did World War II? | Columbia Journalism Review

  • This is an abridged version of remarks by TV newsman Bill Moyers, as prepared for delivery at the “Covering Climate Now” conference co-sponsored by The Nation and Columbia Journalism Review. Moyers addresses the role of journalists and media in helping people understand the climate emergency.

The Psychology Behind Climate Inaction: How to Beat the 'Doom Barrier' | Deutsche Welle

  • Despite the urgency of a 'climate emergency' we're nowhere near fulfilling the Paris agreement. Why are we so reluctant to act? Climate psychologist Per Espen Stoknes says we need to move away from pointing blame.

London Event Showcases Innovation Behind New Investor Climate Tool | Climate-KIC

  • Environmental, financial and academic experts gathered to discuss the project Climate Risks for Asset Managers (CRAMs), a collaboration between Carbon Delta and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Research (PIK). The CRAMs project will facilitate a global assessment of the financial impacts of climate change on corporations and their investable securities as well as real estate assets. CRAMs will be key in helping investors align themselves with the Paris climate goals.

Don’t Let Climate Change Melt Away Your Investments | Today Singapore

  • In looking at how climate change affects investing, it is important to distinguish between what companies are doing to become more environment-friendly and the impact of climate change on their financial performance. This piece focuses primarily on the latter.

E.P.A. Plans to Get Thousands of Pollution Deaths Off the Books by Changing Its Math | New York Times

  • The Environmental Protection Agency plans to change the way it calculates the health risks of air pollution, a shift that would make it easier to roll back a key climate change rule because it would result in far fewer predicted deaths from pollution, according to five people with knowledge of the agency’s plans.

Xcel Energy Fast-Forwards Minnesota Coal Plant Closures but Extends Nuclear Window | Greentech Media

  • The utility struck a deal with environmental and labor groups in the Upper Midwest that will allow it to reduce its carbon emissions while easing job losses related to coal plant retirements.

General Higher Education Endowment News

Gender Gap Grows: Endowments Keep Hiring Men to Replace Women CIOs | Fund Fire

  • (Subscription required) This piece outlines a worrying trend in higher education endowment management: since 2013, 11 women have stepped down from CIO roles with $500 million or more under management. Eight were replaced by men, and none by a woman of color.

(Opinion) Harvard’s Investment in Land and Natural Resources | Harvard Crimson

  • Former Harvard Board of Overseers member and Beneficial State Bank co-founder Kat Taylor and current students and Divest Harvard members Isa Flores-Jones and Eve Driver argue that the Harvard endowment’s investments in land and natural resources violate its guidelines to “respectfully engage with the community,” causing harm to indigenous communities, environmental quality, and water access.


General Higher Education Sustainability News

Bates College Attains Carbon Neutrality Ahead of Schedule | Bates College

  • A year ahead of its announced commitment, Bates College has become carbon neutral. Measured against a 2001 baseline, Bates has eliminated 95 percent of its campus greenhouse gas emissions, and will purchase carbon offsets for the remainder. In its Climate Action Plan, announced nine years ago, Bates committed to hitting this important milestone by 2020.

College of the Atlantic Commits to Campus Wide Plastic Elimination Goal | Break Free from Plastic

  • The College of the Atlantic is the first college campus in the country to sign onto the “Break Free From Plastic Campus Pledge” – a campus-wide commitment to eliminate all single-use disposable plastics. With COA’s President signing the pledge last week, COA has committed to “Break Free From Plastic” by 2025. The pledge and toolkit specifically addresses accessibility and inclusivity concerns, and generates a framework for college campuses (and other institutions) to develop long-term systemic solutions to issues around waste and disposable consumption.

Bergen Community College Graduation Gowns Will Be Eco-Friendly | TAPinto

  • For the first time ever, students will don eco-friendly attire made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, making Bergen Community College the latest school in the country to nix polyester gowns. The graduation garb, which is manufactured by Virginia-based regalia company Oak Hall, is a sustainable alternative to gowns made out of polyester, a petroleum-based fabric that does not biodegrade.

UN Urges Universities To be Catalysers of Sustainability | University World News

  • In a new report, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says some schools and universities are leading by example and reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy and becoming “hotbeds of activism on the defining issue for a generation”. UNEP is working with universities to set up national and regional Green University Networks to enable institutions to incorporate low carbon-climate resilience development strategies and sustainability in education, training and campus operations.

NC State To Host Inaugural ACC Sports Sustainability Conference | NC State University

  • NC State University will host representatives from Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) member schools as part of an inaugural conference on sports and sustainability within the ACC. The ACC Sports Sustainability Conference is June 2 – 4 in Raleigh, N.C., on the campus of NC State. The conference is an opportunity to share best practices, as well as launch an ACC-wide collaboration to boost sustainability in collegiate athletics.

Fossil Fuel Divestment

United Reformed Church Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuel Companies | Independent Catholic News

  • The United Reformed Church (URC) has unanimously approved a proposal to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Anger as Church of Scotland Decides Not to Divest from Fossil Fuels | The Guardian

  • More than 70 Church of Scotland delegates have formally lodged their frustration at the decision of its general assembly not to divest from fossil fuels. Although the general assembly voted to “recognise and affirm the declarations of the Scottish government, UK parliament and others that we are experiencing a climate and ecological emergency” on Wednesday morning, a counter-motion to disinvest from oil and gas companies by 2020 was narrowly defeated.

Divest Dartmouth Re-focuses Strategy After Period of Low Visibility | The Darmouth

  • After a period of low visibility, Divest Dartmouth is developing a new strategy to urge the College to divest from fossil-fuel related assets. Previously, the group had advocated for divestment from the 200 highest polluting companies, but it has narrowed its call to divestment from oil and gas companies that have not made an effort to develop clean energy or reduce their carbon output.

(Opinion) Kenney’s Stand on Oil and Gas Divestment Is Likely to Leave Alberta out of Position | Global and Mail

  • With the global divestment movement identifying Alberta’s oil and gas industry as one of its primary targets, this piece argues that newly-elected Premier Jason Kenney might be caught moving policy and rhetoric in the wrong direction.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

IEN Events:

IEN Webinar: Building a Just Transition - Investing in Infrastructure that Supports People and Planet, Intentional Endowments Network, May 30, 2019 1-2pm EDT (webinar)

Community Impact Investing Roundtable 2019 | Intentional Endowments Network, September 6, 2019, Berkeley, CA

2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit | Intentional Endowments Network and Second Nature, February 23-25, 2020, Atlanta, GA

Other Events:

Are Asia's Pension Funds Ready for Climate Change? | Ceres, May 28, 2019 9pm EST (webinar)

9th Annual Conference: New Challenges New Opportunities | US SIF, June 10-12, 2019, Minneapolis, MN 

How Technology is Impacting Shareholder Engagement | Broadridge, June 11, 2019, 1-3pm EDT (webinar)

Spectrum: Access, Inclusion, Impact | SOCAP and Conscious Company Media, June 12-13, 2019, Atlanta, GA

OCIO Solutions Summit | Investment Management Institute, June 12, 2019, Stamford, CT, Interested members should contact Kaede Kawauchi to access the following member discounts:

  • IEN endowment members - Room and board will be covered, $350 registration fee (80% off the original price), Opportunity to speak on a panel
  • IEN asset manager members - $200 off the original price

2019 Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference: Trends in Northeast Sustainability Challenges | University of Southern Maine, June 17-18, 2019, Portland, ME

2nd Annual Advisors Forum | Confluence Philanthropy, June 24-25, 2019, San Francisco, CA, Member pricing available for IEN members.

CDP Matchmaker Workshop: Accelerating Green Infrastructure Investments in Cities | CDP, June 25, 2019, Parma, OH

GIIN Investor Forum | GIIN, October 2-3, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 AASHE Conference & Expo: Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy | AASHE, October 27-30, 2019, Spokane, WA

21st Annual Endowment and Foundation Forum | Opal, November 7-8, 2019, Boston, MA

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