Weekly News Round-Up: August 16, 2019

Earlier this week, IEN members engaged in a Community Online Conversation about the OCIO endowment management model. The conversation was facilitated by Ball State Chief Investment Officer Tom Heck. The conversation brought out insights on developing effective partnerships between providers and client institutions, challenges with impact measurement, as well as evaluation criteria for hiring investment consultants with deep expertise in mission-aligned investing.

Consider joining our next webinar (open to members and non-members) on Wednesday, September 4th, Beyond ESG, Towards Impact & the SDGs. We’ll discuss the new Operating Principles for Impact Investing with the International Finance Corporation's Chief Thought Leadership Officer and explore how endowments are defining and managing impact.

Two days later on September 6, we’ll be spending the afternoon exploring ESG and Community Impact Investing together in Berkeley, CA - and it’s not too late to register or to become a sponsor!

Renewing IEN Members

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Opportunities for Action

State of Impact Measurement & Management Practice Survey | Global Impact Investing Network 

  • Deadline: TODAY, August 16, 2019. Organizations that have committed at least $10m to impact investments since their inception OR have made at least five impact investments; AND measure and manage their impact are invited to participate in this survey. The report generated by this survey provides critical insight to the various approaches to impact measurement and management, the market’s progress, and remaining challenges, and it is important for the endowment community to be represented. Click this link to participate. For more information, contact Rachel Bass, GIIN Research Manager, at rbass@thegiin.org.

Nominate a Young Professional for “30 Under 30” Award | SRI Conference

  • Deadline: September 4, 2019. To mark the 30th convening of The SRI Conference, organizers announced a new annual award designed to spotlight and nurture the emerging generation of leaders who will guide the SRI/ESG/impact investing industry well into the second half of the 21st Century.

Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change | Investor Agenda

  • Deadline: September 6, 2019. Asset owners and asset managers in IEN are encouraged to sign the Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change. To add your organization’s name to the statement, please complete this short form. There is no cost to sign the statement and no further actions are required of signatories. In addition to signing the global investor statement, we strongly encourage you to take action in the other areas of The Investor Agenda: Investment, Corporate Engagement, and Investor Disclosure. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email Chris Fox at fox@ceres.org.

2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit Call for Proposals | Intentional Endowments Network and Second Nature

  • Deadline: September 30, 2019. Colleagues from all disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives are encouraged to submit proposals for next-level conversations, workshops, and concurrent sessions for the 2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit. If you have more general ideas for shaping the Summit, please submit them here.

Consortium Advisory Board Members Wanted | The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

  • The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (Consortium) unites physicians and other health professionals to speak out about the current health harms and future risks of climate change, and the significant health benefits of climate change solutions. Headquartered at George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, the consortium has 23 member societies with 600,000 physician members, and 33 affiliates with millions of members. More information and application form available here.

Sign-on Opportunities:


New Resources & Reports

Investor Rights Forum | US SIF, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, and Shareholder Rights Group

  • This new website brings together data and investor perspectives on the right to file shareholder proposals. The website is in response to proposed efforts to roll back those essential investor rights, and includes case studies demonstrating the positive impacts of shareholder proposals, research, and analysis of how investor rights are at risk.

Sustainable Investing By Institutional Asset Owners

University of Liverpool Agrees to Fully Divest from Fossil Fuels by 2022 | The Liverpool Tab

  • The University of Liverpool has committed to fully divesting from fossil fuels by 2022, selling its remaining £2.8m holdings in fossil fuel companies, which currently make up 1.2 per cent of UoL's investment portfolio. The call for UoL to withdraw their remaining partial investments in fossil fuels came following the introduction of an ethical investment policy last year. The policy committed the university to exclude companies deriving over 10 per cent of their revenue from thermal coal and tar sands.

To Protect a Critical Forest in Appalachia, a Foundation Goes Beyond Grantmaking | Inside Philanthropy

  • While the coal industry continues to decline, the communities and lands of Appalachia are in transition. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and its funders are playing a significant role in reimagining coal country by acquiring land to place under sustainable forestry management. TNC designed the Cumberland Forest Project as an impact investment fund, and $20 million in concessionary capital in the form of a program-related investment by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation drew investors to the fund, which now totals $130 million.

Bonus Eyes Climate Risks with Fresh Investment Approach | IPE

  • Austria’s €1.5bn Bonus Pensionskasse is setting up a fund-of-funds structure to enhance the efficiency of its investment process and get a better overview of the climate-related risks in its portfolio. With that new data, Bonus could choose to make changes to its asset allocation or start an engagement process with companies held via retail funds. The decision has been informed by participation in the Principles for Responsible Investment, and Bonus is considering signing the Montreal Carbon Pledge.

Danish Fund Cuts Managers for Better ESG | Top 100 Funds

  • Pædagogernes Pension, PBU, the $10.5 billion Danish defined contribution scheme for teachers is in the process of consolidating and reducing the number of managers in its listed equity portfolio, driven by PBU’s switch in focus to ensure all its managers have an ESG dimension. New mandates will be allocated in line with a manager’s ESG credentials and ability to engage with companies on specific ESG factors.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact & ESG Investing

ESG: How Do Fund Selectors Cut through the Greenwash of Gradualism? (Part 1) | Investment Europe

  • In the first of a two-part insight, Jon "JB" Beckett, director emeritus at the Association of Professional Fund Investors, Transparency Task Force ambassador, and author of #NewFundOrder, shares insights from an asset owner perspective on the emergence and threat of greenwashing to the investment industry, as outlined at his recent Ethical Finance Hub seminar.

Sustainable Funds More Likely to Be Top Performers, Study Shows | Financial Times

  • Close to two-thirds of sustainable funds beat the average performer in their category, as classified by data provider Morningstar, which groups products by the kind of assets they invest in such as bonds or equities. “These numbers are consistent with evidence from academic research that suggests no systematic performance penalty associated with sustainable investing and possible avenues for outperformance based on reduced risk or added alpha,” Morningstar said.

Vanguard Put Gun Stocks in a Gun-Free Fund After Index Error | Bloomberg

  • Vanguard Group Inc.’s biggest sustainable exchange-traded fund bought shares of gun maker Sturm Ruger & Co. Inc. and held them for more than a month, mimicking an error in the benchmark it tracks. Vanguard US ESG Stock ETF says it tracks an index that doesn’t include weapons manufacturers, along with other companies that socially responsible investors prefer to avoid. Though the Sturm Ruger buy was temporary and small -- 219 shares worth about $9,000 -- it raises questions about the rapid growth of socially responsible investing in general and index strategies in particular.

Investors Embrace ESG Investing but Don't Target Gun Stocks | Reuters

  • Two new BlackRock Inc funds that exclude gun makers are off to slow starts as socially-minded investors embrace other products addressing a wide range of issues like environmental and governance concerns, according to flow data at the world’s largest asset manager.

Socially Responsible Investing and ESG: It’s Not Just a Millennial Trend | Yahoo Finance

  • While millennials seem to be the generation most interested in applying their ideals on ESG issues to their finances, Gen Xers and baby boomers are also expressing growing interest, according to the ESG Investor Sentiment Study from Allianz Life. The study found that although millennials are more likely to make investment and purchasing decisions based on issues that are important to them, Gen Xers and boomers are also putting their values into action.

(Listen) How to Make ESG Investing Work | Motley Fool

  • In this podcast, Motley Fool analyst Maria Gallagher discusses ESG investing, including what ESG practically means for a company, why this investing style has taken off recently, why ESG doesn't mean sacrificing growth, how investors can find companies on either end of the ESG spectrum, some risks to watch out for with rankings and tracking over time, and more.

How to Tell If Your Investment Is Really Responsible | Bloomberg

  • ESG ratings are increasingly taken into account in decisions on where to invest or allocate capital. But there’s debate over whether they can truly buffer against financial risk or even act as a guide to better-performing investments. This article provides a brief overview of ESG ratings.

New Insight into Global Responsible Investment Trends | Global Banking and Finance

  • Responsible Investment factors are transitioning from being ‘nice to have’ to being an integral part of the investment process. Globally, the implementation of responsible investing has been far from homogeneous. This post summarizes recent trends.

McKinsey: It’s time to simplify sustainable investing, Which Is Now a $30 trillion Market | CNBC

  • Corporate sustainability reports often omit financially material information, vary in their scope and depth and seldom undergo independent audits. Asset owners and asset managers who are increasingly making investment decisions with sustainability in mind want simple reporting conventions. Investors have largely avoided joining standard-setting efforts. Those who get involved stand to gain an edge over their more detached peers.

Why Impact Investing Is A Natural Fit For Faith-Based Investors | Financial Advisor

  • In this article, GIIN CEO Amit Bouri discusses the history of faith-based institutions’ sustainable, responsible, and impact investing strategies, including divestment and shareholder advocacy, as well as the challenges and constraints they face.

Hedge Funds Are Encouraged to Jump on the ESG Bandwagon | Opalesque

  • How much sense does it make for a hedge fund to apply ESG criteria in its investments? It does make a lot of sense on two main counts: pressure from asset owners, and positive performance over the long term. Then there's also a moral imperative. This article reviews the case for hedge funds - currently lagging - to increase their use of ESG analysis.

Shareholder Engagement

Investor Rights Forum | US SIF, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, and Shareholder Rights Group

  • This new website brings together data and investor perspectives on the right to file shareholder proposals. The website is in response to proposed efforts to roll back those essential investor rights, and includes case studies demonstrating the positive impacts of shareholder proposals, research, and analysis of how investor rights are at risk.

Stake Petition Platform Lets Shareholders Rally for Corporate Change | UPI

  • To show opposition to a company's actions, some shareholders divest. But a new platform offers a different option -- pooling assets to publicly petition for changes in corporate policies. Stake, launched in 2018, unites shareholders across companies in opposition to a common conflict. IEN member Trillium’s CEO Matthew Patsky describes how shareholder engagement efforts are complementary: "We may have bigger dollars," but Stake adds more of a brand risk because "they can have the bigger numbers of people, which could start to get them really worried about social media impact."

Socially Responsible Retirement Funds

Why Is It So Difficult to Stop Your Pension Money Making the Climate Crisis Worse? | The Guardian

  • This article discusses the structure of UK retirement funds, and highlights what needs to change in order to provide workers with more options to avoid fossil fuel investments if they are concerned about climate change.

(Watch) Gen Z, Millennials and Retirement Investing | Yahoo Finance

  • Globally the United States trails other countries in ESG investing, but as a new generation of young Americans considers retirement plans, that trend is shifting. Melissa Kahn, the Managing Director of State Street Global Advisor joins Yahoo Finance to discuss.

(Listen) NC Experts: Invest Sustainably to Protect Retirement from Climate Risks | Public News Service

  • Climate change could pose major risks to retirement investments, according to one expert who says looking for sustainable investment options could help buffer your nest egg. This podcast interviews experts about why and how individuals can find sustainable investment options for their retirement funds.

Community Impact Investing

Opportunity Zones Could Provide Major Boost for Clean Energy, Sustainable Development | Greenbiz

  • Market watchers are predicting $200 to $300 billion in investment in the nation’s 8,700-plus OZones. And federal rules have made it clear that green economy projects — such as local power generation, microgrids, EV charging stations and energy storage — are eligible for OZone investment. This article explains why clean energy projects are a good fit for opportunity zone investments.

Filling Critical Gaps, a Foundation Looks to Realize the Promise of Opportunity Zones | Inside Philanthropy

  • This article describes the extensive efforts made by the Kresge Foundation to ensure that Opportunity Zone investments meet community needs and prioritize impact. Kresge’s board approved a $350 million pool of social investment funding in 2015 for deployment by 2020, and authorized up to $25 million in guarantee capacity. In March, Kresge committed $22 million of that to backing two established fund managers—Arctaris and Community Capital Management (CCM)—to anchor their Opportunity Zone Funds.

Green Bonds

Why Bother with ESG Bond Funds? | Expert Investor

  • ESG themes have been at the forefront of many new equity investment strategies over the last decade, but their fixed income peers are beginning to catch up. Over the past 12 months, European investment houses of all shapes and sizes have begun to latch on to the sustainability phenomenon and how it can be applied to bond funds.

Power-Hungry Phone Companies Dial into Surging Green Bond Market | Bloomberg

  • Phone carriers are huge energy users, and need to cut emissions. They also face massive bills to build out the next generation of wireless networks. Green bonds promise to help them with both. The industry has already completed at least $3 billion of sales since January, its first steps into a sustainable debt market that Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates could exceed $370 billion this year.

Rhino Bonds: Can Big Finance Really Save Big Beasts? | Financial News

  • This analysis explains how the new “rhino bond” works, and provides examples of other social impact and development impact bonds that have used similar principles to address other development issues.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

USM President: In Order to Grow, University Must Address Issues of Equity, Justice | Press Herald

  • University of Southern Maine president Glenn Cummings describes why and how the school is beginning a new journey that goes beyond inclusion and diversity to address issues of equity and justice.

Black Fund Managers Likely to Face More Bias as Top Performers – research | Pensions & Investments

  • Institutional investors demonstrated racial bias when asked to evaluate fund management teams led by white vs. black men, according to new research by Stanford University and Illumen Capital. The case study found, in fact, that top-performing, black fund managers "may be most harmed by racial bias." The study suggests that asset owners should be trained "to overcome their biases by revamping their investment criteria and strategies and ensuring they are knowledgeable about the success of firms led by people of color."

Committee Finds More Work is Needed to Improve Diversity at Megabanks | Chicago Crusader

  • The House Financial Services Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion requested diversity and inclusion data and policies, from 2015 to the present,  from Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Wells Fargo. This article summarizes the disappointing findings.

Despite Political and Financial Challenges, the Country’s Largest Black-owned Businesses Thrive in 2019 | Black Enterprise

  • The BE 100s—BLACK ENTERPRISE’s annual listing of the nation’s largest black-owned businesses—are engaging in the same tech transformations and generational shifts that have marked today’s changing business landscape. This article looks at the successes and challenges across various sectors.

Gender Lens Investing

Commentary: Which Came First – Women Investors or Women Entrepreneurs? | Pensions & Investments

  • Venture capital remains a male-dominated field, and because venture capitalists fund men more frequently, women struggle to escape the closed loop of opportunity. If women can't get funding, they can't start companies. If they can't start companies, they can't acquire capital. Without capital, women can't become funders, which means the women of the future must continue to seek funding from men, and the cycle continues. This commentary includes recommendations for companies and funding firms to break the cycle.

Women Take the Lead in Building Houston’s Tech Ecosystem | Houston Chronicle

  • Women are on the frontline of Houston’s efforts to nurture a high-tech ecosystem. They’re founding companies, leading startup assistance and investment groups, and creating new organizations that connect female entrepreneurs with advice, financing and large potential customers.

Women a True Asset for Private Equity Deals, and the Data Shows It | Financial Director

  • Gender diversity in the investment sector makes sound financial sense, says Professor Oliver Gottschalg of business school HEC Paris.

Investment Firm News

Taking Sustainable Investing Beyond Box-checking | Nasdaq

  • In this interview, BlackRock’s Co-CIO of Active Equities and Co-Head of Systematic Active Equity (SAE), discusses with SAE Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Investing Debbie McCoy her work to understand ESG scores and dig a level deeper in search of an information advantage in what some may consider a still fledgling field.

She Made an Early Bet on Tesla. Here’s What Nancy Pfund Sees Now | Bloomberg

  • In this interview, co-founder and managing partner of IEN member DBL Partners Nancy Pfund describes her path into venture capital, the development of a double-bottom-line impact fund, what she’s learned, and where she’s investing now.

Asset Managers Opening Wallets to Social Impact Investing | ETF Trends

  • More and more, asset managers are purchasing ownership stakes in ESG businesses, developing ratings tools to screen ESG investments and hiring the necessary specialists.

Fitch Ratings ESG Heat Map Shows Relevance to Credit Ratings | Pensions & Investments

  • Figuring out how relevant ESG factors are to credit ratings of non-financial corporate issuers just got easier with a new heat map unveiled by Fitch Ratings. The ESG heat map covers 51 different industry sectors and displays which individual entities are being impacted by the ESG topic identified within the sector.

Introducing the World’s First Sustainability Improvement Derivative | ING

  • ING announced the world’s first sustainability improvement derivative (SID) provided to SBM Offshore. The SID is an interest rate swap that hedges the interest rate risk of the construction of one of SBM Offshore’s Floating Production Storage and Offloading facilities. It’s the world’s first derivative with a price linked to the company’s sustainability performance, next to trading risk, capital requirements and profit. The credit spread of the SID can increase or decrease based on SBM Offshore’s ESG performance, as scored by Sustainalytics, an independent provider of ESG research and ratings.

Mesirow Financial Introduces Small Cap Mutual Fund with Sustainable Focus | PR Newswire

  • Mesirow Financial announced the availability of its Small Cap Value Sustainability Fund. This vehicle capitalizes on the firm's U.S. Small Cap sustainable investment strategy while addressing the increasing desire of institutional, corporate and individual investors to emphasize responsible investing within well-diversified portfolios.

Economic & Policy Shifts

CSA Publishes Guidance for Public Companies on Reporting Climate Risks | Benefits Canada

  • The Canadian Securities Administrators is releasing guidance for public companies on reporting the material risks that climate change poses to their businesses. The guidance aims to help public companies meet regulatory requirements and “inform investors about the sustainability of their business model and to provide insights into how they are mitigating and adapting to these risks.”

Meet the 10 Companies Attempting to Solve the Plastic Problem Backed by Sky | Evening Standard

  • Plastic is public enemy number one in 2019, whether it's one-use plastic bottles or straws or food packaging. In order to combat our reliance on plastic, and the cost the environment pays for it, Sky’s Ocean Ventures fund has invested in 10 companies in the UK which are developing ideas to turn off the plastics tap, in collaboration with the government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.


Climate Risk, Science, and Clean Energy

2°C: Beyond the Limit: Extreme Climate Change Has Arrived in America | Washington Post

  • This in-depth analysis of more than a century of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration temperature data across the Lower 48 states and 3,107 counties has found that major areas are nearing or have already crossed the 2-degree Celsius mark.

Investing in the Future: How Climate Risk Disclosure Can Drive Sustainable Climate Solutions | Center for International Environmental Law

  • In early July, a group of United States congresspeople introduced the Climate Risk Disclosure Act to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The bill proposes requiring every publicly traded company to disclose their climate-related financial risks so that their investors can better predict the financial stability of their investments. This blog post explains climate-related financial risks and what they mean for pension funds.

Tired of Waiting for National Push, a Buzzing Hive of Climate Resilience Innovators Is at Work in Boston | Boston Globe

  • This article discusses cross-sector climate resilience efforts mobilizing exclusively at the local level. They’re like NASA scientists 50 years ago, but without a moonshot speech or moonshot funding. In a follow-up article, the author profiles specific projects around the country and globally.

One of the World’s Largest Banks Thinks the Writing is on the Wall for the Oil Industry | Think Progress

  • Plunging prices for batteries and renewables are driving an electric vehicle (EV) revolution so rapidly that the economics of oil “are now in relentless and irreversible decline.” That’s the startling conclusion of a detailed new analysis for “professional investors” of the economics of EVs versus gasoline cars produced by BNP Paribas, the world’s eighth largest bank by total assets.

'Coal is over': the miners rooting for the Green New Deal | The Guardian

  • The coal industry in Appalachia is dying – something that people there know better than anyone. Some in this region are pinning their hopes on alternative solutions, including a Green New Deal.

One Coal CEO Sees Writing on Wall, Says Make Money While You Can | Bloomberg

  • The CEO of Colombian coal giant Cerrejon -- jointly owned by BHP Group Ltd, Glencore Plc and Anglo American Plc -- isn’t sugar-coating anything. The industry, he says, is in terminal decline, and the company is suffering. “The large impact we foresaw from the market disappearing, we always saw as out there in the future,” Fonseca said. “Well, the future is now.”

Greenland’s Rapid Melting Is a Hugely Underplayed Story | Bloomberg

  • This opinion piece argues that - beyond the dramatic images that briefly made headlines - the full story and science behind the melting Greenland Ice Sheet should prompt greater coverage of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

General Higher Education Endowment News

How UT Invests: a Process Unknown to Most and Sometimes Even to UT Itself | The Daily Texan

  • This in-depth article and infographic delve into the goals, structure, governance, and transparency of the University of Texas System’s endowment. The $31 billion endowment is controlled by the UT System Board of Regents and invested by an adjacent nonprofit, the University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management Company, or UTIMCO.

University of Cambridge Appoints Alumna Tilly Franklin to Lead Endowment Fund | University of Cambridge

  • The University of Cambridge has appointed Tilly Franklin as its new Chief Investment Officer to lead the £3.2 billion Cambridge University Endowment Fund. The Jesus College alumna will leave her role as Director of Investments and Head of Private Equity at Alta Advisers, a London-based investment advisory firm and one of Europe’s leading single family investment offices. She brings an impressive level of financial experience from Alta, private equity firm Apax Partners Ltd, BBC Worldwide and Virgin Management to the role.

General Higher Education Sustainability News

University Chief Bans All Beef from Campus in Fight Against 'Climate Change Emergency' | The Telegraph

  • From next month, Goldsmiths, University of London has said it will remove all beef products from its campus shops and cafes. Students will also face a 10p levy on bottles of water and single-use plastic cups when the academic year starts to discourage use of the products. It is part of a new drive by the university to become carbon neutral by 2025, which involves building more solar panels and switching to a “clean” energy supplier.

What Makes CSU Environmentally Friendly | Rocky Mountain Collegian

  • Home to over 45 student organizations focused on sustainability, Colorado State University also houses the Warner College of Natural Resources, which offers comprehensive natural resources education through nine undergraduate majors, and the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, which offers minors in environmental sustainability and water.

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Calendar of Upcoming Events

IEN Events:

IEN Webinar: Beyond ESG, Towards Impact & the SDGs | Intentional Endowments Network, September 4, 2019, 1-2pm EDT (webinar)

ESG & Community Impact Investing Roundtable 2019 | Intentional Endowments Network, September 6, 2019, Berkeley, CA

2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit | Intentional Endowments Network and Second Nature, February 23-25, 2020, Atlanta, GA. Provide input to shape the agenda here, or propose a session topic here!

Other Events:

RISE Community Forum on Racial Justice & Climate Change | Return on Investment & Social Equity, August 22, 2019, 4 - 6:30pm, San Francisco, CA

2019 Family Office Impact Summit | United Nations, September 5, 2019, New York, NY. Family office members of IEN are eligible for discounted registration.

Getting Gender Smart: Impact Investing with a Gender Lens | Duke Fuqua School of Business, September 9-11, 2019, Durham, North Carolina

Total Impact Family Office and Foundation Conference | ACG New York, Alberleen Family Office Solutions, and Good Capital Project, September 10, 2019, New York, NY. This event is intended for asset owners, including higher education endowments and foundations; agenda themes include Climate change mitigation and resource efficiency; Healthcare; Housing and infrastructure; Sustainable agriculture; and Investing in women. For an invitation to the event, please reach out to IEN.

Financing the Future: The Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit | Divest Invest, Fossil Free SA, Global Catholic Climate Movement, GreenFaith, PACJA, Shine, Wallace Global Fund, and 350, September 10-11, 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

Impact Investing: Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns | Skytop Strategies, September 17, 2019, Boston, MA. Interested members should contact nicole@intentionalendowments.org to access a 15% off registration IEN Member discount code.

Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019 | UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative, September 25, 2019, New York, NY (Climate Week)

Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum | RFSI Forum, September 30-October 1, 2019, Oakland, CA

GIIN Investor Forum | GIIN, October 2-3, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Interested members should contact hannah@intentionalendowments.org to access a 15% off registration IEN Member discount code.

Color of Education Summit | Public School Forum of NC, The Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, and Policy Bridge at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, October 26, 2019, Raleigh, NC

2019 AASHE Conference & Expo: Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy | AASHE, October 27-30, 2019, Spokane, WA

21st Annual Endowment and Foundation Forum | Opal, November 7-8, 2019, Boston, MA

2nd Impact Summit America | Phenix Capital, November 14, 2019, New York, NY. Asset owner IEN members are eligible for complementary registration.

GreenBiz 20 | GreenBiz, February 4-6, 2020, Phoenix, AZ

Croatan Forum 2020 | Croatan Institute, April 27-29, 2020, Durham, NC

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