Weekly News Round-Up: August 9, 2019

We’re one month away from the next opportunity to join endowment investing peers for a dynamic IEN roundtable event, and are excited to announce we’ll be joined by keynote speaker Kat Taylor, the Co-Founder and CEO of Beneficial State Bank. Learn more about the event and register here, and consider partnering with the network as an event sponsor. In the meantime, join us next Wednesday for an IEN Member-only conversation focused on the OCIO Model - more details below!

New IEN Members

IEN in the News

The MBA Students Gaining Practical Investment Management Experience | Financial Times

  • This piece profiles the Sustainable & Impact Investing Learning and Knowledge (SIILK) network supported by IEN, alongside other initiatives in the growing trend toward giving students practical experience and deep skill in ESG and sustainable investing strategies. After reading this article, please share your ideas about how to grow and strengthen SIILK with IEN Program Manager Nicole Torrico (nicole@intentionalendowments.org).

IEN Community Conversations

Join Us on August 14th for IEN Member Community Online Conversation focused on OCIO Model 

The next IEN Member Community Online Conversation will take place on Wednesday, August 14th, 1-2pm Eastern Time/10-11am Pacific Time. The conversation will be co-facilitated by Ball State University Foundation's Chief Investment Officer Tom Heck.

Guiding questions and discussion points include:  What is the breadth and scope of OCIO services and how can the services be leveraged to activate sustainable endowment investing? How do we create an effective partnership between an asset owner and an OCIO toward a common goal of sustainable investing? What are key questions to ask when performing due diligence on an OCIO?  What are the pros and cons from a governance perspective of an OCIO model with regard to ESG/mission-aligned investing? 

The meeting will be accessible via browser, or by phone dial-in: 

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 395 414 547
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ac5Omd6fGY

If you plan to join, please request a calendar invitation from our membership manager: erina@intentionalendowments.org


Opportunities for Action

2019 ISS Benchmark Policy Survey | Institutional Shareholder Services

  • Deadline: TODAY,  August 9, 2019. Institutional investors (asset managers and asset owners), advisors, public corporation management and board members are invited to participate in this survey to inform ISS policy development on governance topics including board gender diversity, climate change risk, and more.

State of Impact Measurement & Management Practice Survey | Global Impact Investing Network 

  • Deadline: August 16, 2019. Organizations that have committed at least $10m to impact investments since their inception OR have made at least five impact investments; AND measure and manage their impact are invited to participate in this survey. The report generated by this survey provides critical insight to the various approaches to impact measurement and management, the market’s progress, and remaining challenges, and it is important for the endowment community to be represented. Click this link to participate. For more information, contact Rachel Bass, GIIN Research Manager, at rbass@thegiin.org.

Nominate a Young Professional for “30 Under 30” Award | SRI Conference

  • Deadline: September 4, 2019. To mark the 30th convening of The SRI Conference, organizers announced a new annual award designed to spotlight and nurture the emerging generation of leaders who will guide the SRI/ESG/impact investing industry well into the second half of the 21st Century.

Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change | Investor Agenda

  • Deadline: September 6, 2019. Asset owners and asset managers in IEN are encouraged to sign the Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change. The statement – signed currently by a record number of investors – declares strong investor support for the Paris Agreement and the implementation of its goals, calling on governments to: Achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals; Accelerate private sector investment into the low carbon transition; and Commit to improve climate-related financial reporting. To add your organization’s name to the statement, please complete this short form. There is no cost to sign the statement and no further actions are required of signatories. In addition to signing the global investor statement, we strongly encourage you to take action in the other areas of The Investor Agenda: Investment, Corporate Engagement, and Investor Disclosure. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email Chris Fox at fox@ceres.org.

2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit Call for Proposals | Intentional Endowments Network and Second Nature

  • Deadline: September 30, 2019. Colleagues from all disciplines, backgrounds, and perspectives are encouraged to submit proposals for next-level conversations, workshops, and concurrent sessions for the 2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit. If you have more general ideas for shaping the Summit, please submit them here.

Consortium Advisory Board Members Wanted | The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

  • The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (Consortium) unites physicians and other health professionals to speak out about the current health harms and future risks of climate change, and the significant health benefits of climate change solutions. Headquartered at George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, the consortium has 23 member societies with 600,000 physician members, and 33 affiliates with millions of members. More information and application form available here.

Sign-on Opportunities:


New Resources & Reports

It’s About Time: A Call to Advance Racial Equity in the Investment Industry | Confluence Philanthropy

  • The dynamic, rapidly growing field of Impact Investing, whose global market is valued at $502 billion, has a glaring contradiction: only a small percentage of funds are managed by firms owned by women or people of color, and investment professionals in foundations and leading firms reflect little if any racial diversity. This report summarizes what Confluence Philanthropy learned over the past year through its Racial Equity in Investing Initiative.

Pathways to Sustainable Investing | CREO and Cambridge Associates

  • Every day, CREO and Cambridge Associates encounter wealth owners, families, and family office professionals who are starting down the path of sustainability investing. This paper details the typical path these investors take, the questions many of them face, and the way that many of them successfully develop a winning strategy that generates both returns and impact.

How Can a Passive Investor Be a Responsible Investor? | Principles for Responsible Investment 

  • This discussion paper seeks to start a conversation with signatories about key challenges associated with ESG in passive investments, specifically looking at: 1. ESG incorporation – Issues include availability and consistency of corporate data, consistency of ESG scores, complexity and transparency of benchmarks and indices, unintended portfolio skews and costs, and 2. Active ownership – Issues include free-riding, familiarity with holdings, resourcing, contribution to overall portfolio performance, divestment, proxy voting regulations, stock lending and acting in concert.

Sustainable Investing By Institutional Asset Owners

Amnesty International to Divest from Fossil Fuel Companies | Amnesty International

  • Amnesty International will divest from fossil fuel companies in acknowledgement that investment in an industry whose products are the primary source of the climate crisis is at odds with the organization’s mission of protecting and championing human rights.

George Washington University and the Global Healthy Living Foundation Partner to Expand the Role of Impact Investing to Improve Health | Business Wire

  • The Global Healthy Living Foundation and George Washington University’s Institute for Corporate Responsibility announced a partnership to expand the role of impact investing to improve health. Impact investing refers to investments made by companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. The full role that impact investing could play in improving global health is vast and has yet to be discovered.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact & ESG Investing

Sustainable AUM Growth Outpaced Non-sustainable | Pensions & Investments

  • European-domiciled funds focusing on sustainable investing grew $71 billion over the year ended June 30 to $1.06 trillion, with net inflows of $45.2 billion. While the overall growth of the non-sustainable fund group was higher, it represented about 1.5% of July 2018 assets; sustainable funds grew 7.3% by the same metric.

Growing Interest in Sustainable Investing | Business Times

  • This summary of client interest from BNP Paribas reflects a growing interest in sustainable investing in Singapore, and Asia more broadly, albeit from a low base.

US Fund Managers Grapple with Socially Responsible Investing | Reuters

  • Many of the largest money managers including Neuberger Berman, BlackRock and PIMCO have dedicated ESG guidelines for their own investments, and are also balancing requests from their investors, including pension funds, endowment and family offices, to limit investments in industries including gun makers, fossil fuels and healthcare.

(Watch) Millennials Seeking More Socially Responsible Investments Says Impax Asset Management President | Proactive Investors

  • John Keefe, President and CEO of Pax World Funds and President of its investment adviser, IEN member Impax Asset Management Group says that millennials want their money invested in more ESG focused firms; this fundamental shift in the market is pushing investors to be "agents of change" which he predicts to be a long-term secular trend, and something that's not a fad.

Clients Asking for Impact Investing Choices in Donor-Advised Funds, RIA Says | Financial Advisor

  • Donor-advised funds make it easy for charitable donors to set aside money they can later distribute to nonprofits or mission-aligned for-profit companies. A small but growing number of donors are now realizing they can also potentially make an impact on the front end depending on where they park their donor-advised fund assets prior to distribution. IEN member Cornerstone Capital Group, a New York-based RIA firm that focuses on impact investing and sustainability, is starting to see some of this stepped-up interest.

The Surprising Leader in the Impact Investing Boom: Debt | Forbes

  • While most talk revolves around tilting equity portfolios towards impact, there’s an enormous opportunity for lenders, who are increasingly inserting impact-oriented provisions into credit agreements. There is huge potential: at 26% of impact AUM, private debt is the largest asset class within impact investing. 

A New Risk Factor in Corporate Disclosures: Active Shooters | Wall Street Journal

  • A handful of public companies have begun quietly warning investors about how gun violence could affect their financial performance.

This Mutual Fund Is Now the Largest Owner of One of Largest Gun Companies in U.S. | CBS News

  • In recent months, an American Funds mutual fund has become the largest single owner of Smith & Wesson corporate parent American Outdoor Brands. BlackRock, the world's largest asset management firm, has received criticism for its ownership of gun stocks.

The Best Performing ESG Funds - and the Worst | Morningstar

  • While the past 12 months have seen some extreme bouts of volatility - most notably the last quarter of 2018 – many ESG funds have performed well. This article summarizes the strongest and weakest 12-month performance.

Hundreds of Conventional Funds Add 'ESG' to Prospectus Just in Case | Investment News

  • The record $8.9 billion of net inflows into ESG-strategy funds through the first six months of this year illustrates the ferocious demand for funds that are aimed at an increasingly conscious investor base, led by millennials and women. This growing appetite has not been lost on the mutual fund industry, which has been quietly updating fund prospectuses with language suggesting potential ESG portfolio management considerations.

Where Quant Does It Better | Institutional Investor

  • This interview argues that quant is a good fit for investing through an ESG lens, in part because investors can analyze the data and evidence behind the approaches.

Quran-Guided Funds Attract Non-Muslims | Wall Street Journal

  • Amana Mutual Funds Trust builds products designed to appeal to Muslim investors, but the company says its funds have won a much broader following. Amana, which is part of Saturna Capital, offers four mutual funds that follow Islamic finance principles, avoiding sectors including tobacco, alcohol, gambling, weaponry and pornography.

Shareholder Engagement

Active Management Key in Managers' Pursuit of ESG Goals – Survey | Pensions & Investments

  • Almost three-quarters of money managers exercise active ownership as part of their oversight of ESG factors in their investments, a report from Cerulli Associates said. According to the report, 72% of surveyed money managers engage with companies in the form of dialogue with management, proxy voting and shareholder resolutions. Ninety percent use proxy voting, 78% engage in dialogue with management, 46% in shareholder advocacy, 40% in shareholder resolutions and 16% in other engagements.

Are Activist Investors Sexist? | Wall Street Journal

  • (Subscription required). New research shows that female CEOs are far more likely to face an activist challenge.

Socially Responsible Retirement Funds

Here’s How to Find Out If You Own Gun Stocks in Your 401k | Fortune

  • As communities in Ohio and Texas deal with the aftermath of two more mass shootings, the thought that the average investor might be supporting gun companies may seem farfetched. But it's not: some of the world's biggest funds and ETFs, run by companies such as Vanguard, BlackRock, and others are among the largest shareholders of publicly traded gun stocks.

Community Impact Investing

ESG & Community Impact Investing Roundtable 2019 | Intentional Endowments Network, September 6, 2019, Berkeley, CA

The Real Opportunity Zone Gold Rush Is Happening at Events, in Consultants’ Offices | Bisnow

  • The proliferation of service providers and advisers catering to opportunity zones was an inevitability that comes with a new tax program, some experts argue. Others expressed concerns about such professionals raising the cost of doing business, making it difficult for the policy to achieve its goal of expanding access to investment.

Editorial: Opportunity Zones in Charleston Area Poised to Benefit Investors and Residents | Post and Courier

  • This editorial reviews the ways that both investors and residents can benefit from the Opportunity Zone tax incentives, if the program is well implemented.

With an Eye on the "Most Vulnerable," a Foundation Works to Ensure that a New Law Boosts the Urban Poor | Inside Philanthropy

  • Many Americans see the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as a windfall for the wealthy. But a piece of legislation within it, the Investing in Opportunity Act, has the potential to be a game changer for distressed communities in all 50 states. That promise can only be realized if the act works as intended, and some philanthropic leaders like the Rockefeller Foundation are keen to guide the law’s trajectory.

Green Bonds

Why Green Bonds Could Be Key to Fighting Climate Change | Columbia University

  • This blog post from Columbia University’s Earth Institute provides an introduction to green bonds and their potential to mobilize clean energy financing.

ESG Overlay ‘Boosts Outcomes for Corporate Bond Investors’: Report | IPE

  • JP Morgan Asset Management found that using ESG scores improved gross portfolio returns for all categories of corporate bonds, though this only held true for investment grade corporate debt once transaction costs were accounted for. The asset manager also set out to find out whether ESG scores differed from traditional agency credit ratings, and its study suggested that MSCI scores were “additive” to traditional credit ratings.

Pimco Rebrands $680m EMD Fund Following ESG Conversion | Citywire

  • Pimco has renamed one of its emerging market debt funds and shifted its ESG screening strategy in the process, the asset management giant has announced. The Pimco GIS Socially Responsible Emerging Markets Bond fund has been renamed as the Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Bond ESG fund. The strategy was initially launched in 2010 and has $680 million in assets under management.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund Raises Class of Diverse Managers | Middle Market Growth

  • All pension funds have a responsibility to deliver strong returns for their pensioners and contributing employees, but some, like the retirement fund serving one of the largest U.S. school districts, have broadened their mandate further to promote diversity when choosing investment managers. The CTPF board directed the fund to begin working with minority-, woman- or persons with disabilities owned investment managers around 1994. When CTPF started tracking the initiative, fewer than 7% of its assets were invested with such managers. By 2018, they represented 42%, or $4.5 billion of the fund’s $10.7 billion assets.

Gender Lens Investing

Getting Gender Smart: Impact Investing with a Gender Lens | Duke Fuqua School of Business, September 9-11, 2019, Durham, North Carolina

  • This 3-day intensive course is designed to help you navigate the emerging world of gender smart investing so that you can develop tangible strategies and practice to more easily and quickly integrate gender smart investing as part of an overall investing practice. Two of the top globally recognized pioneers in gender lens and impact investing will lead the training, sharing their insights and working with you on the key practices of gender lens investing.

(Listen) Gender-Lens Investing | CCIC

  • This podcast on innovative development finance discusses gender-lens investing, featuring examples of how this has been harnessed effectively. Guests Ryan Clark (Global Issues and Development Branch, Global Affairs Canada), Joy Anderson (Criterion Institute) and Jessica Villanueva (MEDA) also share how this approach can be used by non-profits to advance their program objectives.

Research: Board Experience Is Helping More Women Get CEO Jobs | Harvard Business Review

  • New research findings not only illuminate a viable pathway to CEO for aspiring women (through board service) but also offer a suggestion for companies and boards that seek gender diversity in their CEO ascension plans: Assist high-potential executive women in securing corporate board seats.

Student Managed Funds & Sustainable Finance Curriculum

Bryan School Receives $100,000 from VF Foundation | UNC Greensboro

  • University of North Carolina Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business and Economics has been awarded a $100,000 gift from VF Foundation to create a new virtual collaboratory for sustainable business practices. The gift will support the school’s new and ongoing efforts to educate students about this topic across disciplines through activities such as guest lectures, class projects, industry and community workshops, faculty research, and a sustainability symposium.

The MBA Students Gaining Practical Investment Management Experience | Financial Times

  • This piece profiles the Sustainable & Impact Investing Learning and Knowledge (SIILK) network supported by IEN, alongside other initiatives in the growing trend toward giving students practical experience and deep skill in ESG and sustainable investing strategies. After reading this article, please share your ideas about how to grow and strengthen SIILK with IEN Program Manager Nicole Torrico (nicole@intentionalendowments.org).

Investment Firm News

GreenBiz Group Appoints ESG Veteran Mark Tulay As Part of Growing Focus on Sustainable Finance | CSR Wire

  • GreenBiz Group announced the appointment of Mark Tulay to support the company’s growing focus on finance and ESG issues, including he company’s GreenBiz 20 event and GreenFin Summit, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona in February. 

BlackRock Launches ESG Money Market Fund Range | Citywire

  • BlackRock has launched a new money market Ucits fund range BlackRock Institutional Cash (ICS) LEAF, that provide investors with same-day access to liquidity and invest in securities of entities that meet the funds’ ESG criteria. BlackRock will commit 5% of the net revenue from management fees from the ICS LEAF series to purchase and subsequently retire carbon offsets.

How The S&P Dow Jones 500 ESG Index Is Changing Corporate Behavior | Financial Advisor

  • This interview with Mona Naqvi, senior director, ESG Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices, discusses the launch and the future plans for the indices.

UBS unveils sustainable equity and fixed income ETFs | Funds Europe

  • UBS Asset Management has launched three sustainable equity and fixed income exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

KKR Tops $1 Billion Fundraising Goal for Global Impact Fund | Bloomberg

  • KKR & Co. exceeded the $1 billion fundraising goal for its first Global Impact Fund, aimed at addressing social and environmental problems with private capital.

Climate Action: Spurring New Investments for Clients | 3BL Media

  • Climate action drives business resiliency and new investments, and is just one of the four key global megatrends BNY Mellon addresses in its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. 

Invesco Launches Multi-factor ETF with Strict ESG Criteria | ETF Express

  • Invesco is launching a multi-factor ETF that incorporates strict ESG criteria. The fund will be actively managed by the Invesco Quantitative Strategies team, who will select a portfolio of global equities that offers optimised exposure to Quality, Value and Momentum risk factors while also meeting high ESG standards.

GoldPoint Partners Signs UN-Supported Principles for Responsible Investing | PR Newswire

  • GoldPoint Partners today announced that it has signed the UN-supported PRI. Earlier this year, GoldPoint Partners named Managing Principal Matthew Cashion as Head of ESG and established an ESG working group. 

Economic & Policy Shifts

Turning a Dead Coal Plant Into a Hip Waterfront Experience | Bloomberg

  • The L Street Power Station provided Boston with electricity for more than a century, burning coal and belching fumes into the sky. Mostly mothballed in 2007, it may soon be reborn in a much different form. Think posh waterfront stores, apartments, offices, a food hall, space for events and a shore-front promenade.


Climate Risk, Science, and Clean Energy

Record Heatwave 'Made Much More Likely' by Human Impact on Climate | Guardian

  • The record-breaking heatwave that roasted Europe last month was a one-in-a-thousand-year event made up to 100 times more likely by human-driven climate change, scientists have calculated.

UN Climate Report: Change Land Use to Avoid a Hungry Future | Associated Press

  • Human-caused climate change is dramatically degrading the Earth's land and the way people use the land is making global warming worse, a new UN scientific report says. That creates a vicious cycle which is already making food more expensive, scarcer and less nutritious. But if people change the way they eat, grow food and manage forests, it could help save the planet from a far warmer future.

Exxon Accused of Pressuring Witnesses in New York Climate Fraud Case | Climate Liability News

  • ExxonMobil is attempting to discourage witnesses from testifying against it in New York’s climate fraud suit, according to documents filed last week in New York Supreme Court. The oil giant has demanded third-party witnesses provide documents along with depositions in the case, which the New York attorney general’s office says is imposing “disproportionate burdens” on those witnesses. The New York attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against Exxon last year for allegedly defrauding investors for years by deliberately downplaying the climate risks to its business and long-term financial health.

How Climate Change Affects Real Estate Investment Strategies | Commercial Property Executive

  • In this interview, Byron Carlock, national partner & real estate practice leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers, advises on the potential risks and effects climate change can have on the commercial real estate market. He shares insights on how real estate asset managers are rethinking investment in cities prone to rising sea levels and also expanded on why ESG policies are helping shape investment strategies.

An ETF for Investing in Clean Energy | Nanalyze

  • This analysis suggests that the global trend of harnessing renewable resources and the growing demand for green energy supports a positive long-term outlook for the ETF. While the analyzed fund’s launch may have misfired due to market timing, investors who are convinced that green energy is the way forward may find this investment vehicle compelling.

Low on Water, California Farmers Turn to Solar Farming | Grist

  • If California is to meet its goal of running on 100-percent clean electricity by 2045, fields that once grew hay are going to have to start producing electrons. That’s according to a new report from The Nature Conservancy that estimates the state will need to cover an area at least twice as large as Yosemite National Park with solar panels and wind turbines.

Earliest Ever 'Earth Overshoot Day' Shows Humanity's Consumption of Planet's Natural Resources Raging Unabated | Common Dreams

  • The world is using up resources like fisheries and forests 1.75 times faster than the planet's ecosystems can regenerate them. If everyone lived like U.S. population, we'd need five planets.

General Higher Education Endowment News

A Game-Changing Windfall | Inside Higher Ed

  • An unexpected bequest by an unassuming donor will help financially strapped students at Compton College and also allow the institution to create an endowment. The transformative power of a college education and the long-term benefits of graduating debt-free resonates among first-generation college students, immigrants, and students from low-income families, who increasingly represent the changing demographics of American college campuses. College debt can keep these students from completing their education, or from prospering if and when they do graduate. Meanwhile, overall enrollment at community colleges is shrinking, and state and federal education funding can't make up for the lost revenue. As a result of these trends, seven-figure gifts to small, struggling community colleges have great significance.

Proposed Regulations Would Tax More Than Just College and University Endowments | JD Supra

  • An expansive interpretation of Section 4968 under proposed regulations issued by the US Treasury Department and IRS would tax not only “endowment” income but also any interest, dividends, rent, and royalties a college or university earns from assets used in its educational mission, like dormitories, faculty housing, institutional student loans, and intellectual property. Colleges and universities should pay close attention to the proposed regulations that the IRS recently issued interpreting the new “endowment tax,” and may wish to consider writing comments even if they are not currently affected by the tax because the Proposed Regulations would tax more—potentially much more—than what is traditionally considered part of the endowment.

University Endowments Are Getting Beat by the Stock Market This Year | Bloomberg

  • University endowments and non-profits in the U.S. are seeing lackluster annual returns for a year when the stock market garnered 10%. Funds with more than $500 million earned a median 5.3% before fees in the fiscal year ended June 30, while endowments of all sizes returned 5.9%. That’s the lowest since 2015, according to results published Tuesday by Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service.

Amherst College Appoints New CIO | Pensions & Investments

  • Letitia Johnson was named chief investment officer for Amherst College,effective Sept. 9. She replaces Mauricia Geissler, who will retire after being in the CIO position since 2003. Ms. Johnson will oversee management of the college's $2.9 billion long-term investment pool, including its $2.4 billion endowment. Ms. Johnson was managing director at IEN member Cambridge Associates within its endowment and foundation team. 

Yale's David Swensen, Alums Among Best-paid Endowment Heads | Pensions & Investments

  • David Swensen, the chief investment officer at Yale, and people who worked for him early in their careers, were among the highest-paid endowment chiefs in 2017, according to preliminary data collected by Bloomberg. The ten highest-paid endowment leaders received between $2.8 and $10.1 million each in 2017 compensation, and eight of the ten were men.

The Syllabus: The Rich Get Richer in Higher Ed | Greensboro News & Record


Fossil Fuel Divestment

Big Money Starts to Dump Stocks That Pose Climate Risks | Bloomberg

  • After years of meetings and shareholder resolutions, some funds are starting to simply divest from coal and oil stocks.

Biggest Wealth Fund’s Bid to Dump Big Oil Is Now But a Whimper | Yahoo Finance

  • After revealing it wants to dump all oil stocks in a market-shattering bang in 2017, Norway’s $1.1 trillion wealth fund’s actual divestment could now be so small it hardly matters. The fund’s initial plan was heavily diluted in a political compromise that shielded the world’s biggest oil companies. Now technical adjustments look set to reduce the divestment by a further 30%, meaning the selloff would be smaller than the fund’s roughly $6 billion stake in oil giant Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

At Agents of Change Event, Students Demand Divestment | Ubyssey

  • Students interrupted University of British Columbia President Santa Ono’s climate crisis talk to continue their push for the university to completely divest from fossil fuels. The event, Agents of Change, featured a conversation between Ono and Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California and former US secretary of Homeland Security. They discussed how universities can model climate advocacy and promoted their universities’ decision to join the University Climate Change Coalition.

Partnership Opportunities
Calendar of Upcoming Events

IEN Events:

ESG & Community Impact Investing Roundtable 2019 | Intentional Endowments Network, September 6, 2019, Berkeley, CA

2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit | Intentional Endowments Network and Second Nature, February 23-25, 2020, Atlanta, GA. Provide input to shape the agenda here, or propose a session topic here!

Other Events:

RISE Community Forum on Racial Justice & Climate Change | Return on Investment & Social Equity, August 22, 2019, 4 - 6:30pm, San Francisco, CA

2019 Family Office Impact Summit | United Nations, September 5, 2019, New York, NY. Family office members of IEN are eligible for discounted registration.

Getting Gender Smart: Impact Investing with a Gender Lens | Duke Fuqua School of Business, September 9-11, 2019, Durham, North Carolina

Total Impact Family Office and Foundation Conference | ACG New York, Alberleen Family Office Solutions, and Good Capital Project, September 10, 2019, New York, NY. This event is intended for asset owners, including higher education endowments and foundations; agenda themes include Climate change mitigation and resource efficiency; Healthcare; Housing and infrastructure; Sustainable agriculture; and Investing in women. For an invitation to the event, please reach out to IEN.

Financing the Future: The Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit | Divest Invest, Fossil Free SA, Global Catholic Climate Movement, GreenFaith, PACJA, Shine, Wallace Global Fund, and 350, September 10-11, 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

Impact Investing: Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns | Skytop Strategies, September 17, 2019, Boston, MA. Interested members should contact nicole@intentionalendowments.org to access a 15% off registration IEN Member discount code.

Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019 | UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative, September 25, 2019, New York, NY (Climate Week)

Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum | RFSI Forum, September 30-October 1, 2019, Oakland, CA

GIIN Investor Forum | GIIN, October 2-3, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Interested members should contact hannah@intentionalendowments.org to access a 15% off registration IEN Member discount code.

Color of Education Summit | Public School Forum of NC, The Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity, and Policy Bridge at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, October 26, 2019, Raleigh, NC

2019 AASHE Conference & Expo: Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy | AASHE, October 27-30, 2019, Spokane, WA

21st Annual Endowment and Foundation Forum | Opal, November 7-8, 2019, Boston, MA

2nd Impact Summit America | Phenix Capital, November 14, 2019, New York, NY. Asset owner IEN members are eligible for complementary registration.

GreenBiz 20 | GreenBiz, February 4-6, 2020, Phoenix, AZ

Croatan Forum 2020 | Croatan Institute, April 27-29, 2020, Durham, NC

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