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This chart shows the number of individuals in the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) database as a result of attending an IEN event, through conversation with the IEN team, or by opting-in on the IEN website.


IEN Forums & Events: 

Upcoming IEN events and links to archived information about past events is available on the Events page


IEN hosts monthly webinars on a variety of topics, drawing on perspectives and expertise from the Network. Upcoming webinars and recordings of archived webinars are available on the Webinars page


Working Groups: 

IEN Working Groups are comprised of Network members interested in working together to advance key strategies in support of the Network's goals. Some are intended to be long-standing, while others form around specific tasks for a short period of time. More information about current and past groups is available on the Working Groups page


Resources Developed: 

  • Considerations for ESG Policy Development: This resource contains descriptions of the key elements of purpose, priorities, and principles and some examples of language that may be useful for spurring dialogue, thinking, and policy development.
  • The Paris Agreement in the Investment Policy: Sample Language for Integrating the Goals of the Paris Climate Agreement into an IPSIn this resource, we list the three aims of the Agreement and offer examples of language that may be included in a statement of priorities in an Investment Policy.
  • Leading Practice on Fiduciary Duties for Endowments and Foundations: This overview is intended to provide nonprofit investment fiduciaries with an overview of how industry leaders are seeing fiduciary duty principles as a guide to alignment of investment practices with their nonprofit's mission goals

  • Updated Regulatory Guidance on Proxy Voting and Sustainable Investment: This document outlines new U.S. Department of Labor guidance and how Trustees of ERISA plans may wish to review their proxy voting policies, statements of investment policy and investment manager contracts to ensure they reflect the new guidance.

  • Higher Education, Endowments & The Paris Agreement: Summary of the Intentional Endowments Network 2016 Strategic Planning SummitIn December of 2016 the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) hosted a strategic planning summit to explore projects focused on empowering higher education to lead the way in implementing the Paris Climate Agreement. This report summarizes the key ideas and potential next steps that resulted from that meeting. 

  • White Paper: Investing in Clean Energy: Campuses and Endowments: This white paper was designed to encourage conversation about the financial and societal benefits of clean energy investments higher education can make – both as a customer and an institutional investor through their endowments. It explores the current opportunities and barriers to such investments. 

  • Engaging Investment Managers on Proxy Voting & Other Forms of Shareholder EngagementA 4-page document that outlines potential questions for investment managers on their proxy voting and other shareholder engagement activities around ESG. 

  • Briefing Paper: The Business Case for ESG: A 4-page paper developed by network participants to help trustees and other endowment stakeholders better understand the financial performance of ESG strategies.

  • Primer: Developed to help endowment stakeholders establish a baseline understanding of the key issues related to aligning investment practices with institutional mission and values. It provides a high level overview of the field of sustainable investing, including a brief history and links to key resources and relevant organizations.
  • News Feed: A curated list of news articles relevant to endowments and sustainable investing - a weekly news round-up is circulated to the network. 

  • Newsletter: A bi-monthly e-newsletter with updates from IEN and the field of sustainable investing. 
  • Listserv: A venue for network participants to share resources, upcoming events, and other relevant information

  • Videos: Recordings of keynote speakers and panel presentations from each of IEN's Forums

  • Resources Web PortalA collection of key reports, articles, videos, and other resources on sustainable investing generally, as well as critical issues, including fiduciary responsibility, financial performance, and stakeholder engagement. 

External Conference Sessions and Other Meetings:

  • Mission Forward, Mission Investor Exchange, May14-16, 2018, Chicago, IL

  • US SIF Conference, US SIF, May 30- June 3, 2018, Washington DC

  • Opal Impact Investing Forum, Opal, April 22-24, 2018, Palm Beach, FL

  • Ceres Conference, Ceres, April 24-26, 2018, Boston, MA

  • The 7th Annual OCIO and Investment Outsourcing Summit, FRA, Mar. 21-22, 2018, New York, NY

  • Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (G.A.M.E.) VIII Forum, Quinnipiac, Mar. 22-24, 2018, New York, NY

  • Responsible Investing Americas, PEI + PRI, New York, NY, Mar. 21-22, 2018

  • Confluence Philanthropy's 8th Annual Practitioners Gathering, Mar. 14-15, 2018, Berkeley, CA, 

  • UK Intentional Endowments Forum, Nesta, Mar. 13, 2018, London, UK

  • Future-Proofing Infrastructure Investing: New York Forum, PRI, Mar. 13, 2018, New York, NY

  • NACUBO Endowment and Debt Management Forum, NACUBO, Feb. 7-9, 2018, New York, NY

  • AGB Foundation Leadership Forum, AGB, Jan. 21-23, 2018, Los Angeles, CA

  • Endowment & Foundation Conference, Opal, Boston, MA, Nov. 6-7, 2017

  • Grinnell College Divestment Dialogue Series, Grinnell, IA, Nov. 6-7, 2017

  • The SRI Conference, San Diego, CA, Nov. 1-3, 2017

  • Cambridge Associates Impact Forum, Denver, CO, Oct. 25-26, 2017

  • AASHE Conference, San Antonio, TX, Oct. 15-18, 2017

  • Merrill Lynch and Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) ESG Breakfast event, NYC, NY, Oct. 4, 2017

  • Impact Capitalism Summit, Big Path Capital, Nantucket, MA, Jul. 19-20, 2017

  • ESG Forum, SkyTop Strategies, Washington, DC, Apr. 24, 2017

  • Sustainatopia, San Francisco, CA, Apr. 7-10, 2017

  • Ceres Conference, San Francisco, CA, Apr. 26-27, 2017

  • Impact Capitalism Summit, Big Path Capital, Chicago, IL, Apr. 28-29, 2017

  • Opal Impact Investment Forum, Boca Raton, FL, Apr. 26-28, 2017

  • Babson Energy Summit, Babson College, Mar. 31, 2017

  • Smart & Sustainable Campuses Conference, University of Maryland, Mar. 26-28, 2017

  • PEI Private Equity Responsible Investment Forum, New York, NY, Mar. 7-8, 2017

  • Second Nature Climate Leadership Summit, Tempe, AZ, Feb. 13-15, 2017

  • Sustainatopia Conference, October 9-12, 2016, Boston, MA

  • AASHE 2016 Conference and Expo, Two panels is Cambridge Associates, Impax Asset Management, Second Nature, Sustainable Endowments Institute, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, October 9-12, 2016, Baltimore, MD

  • After Fossil Fuels: The Next Economy, Oberlin College, October 6-9, 2016, Oberlin, OH

  • Cambridge Associates Impact Investing Forum, September 28-29, Chicago, IL 

  • Climate Week Sustainable Investment Forum, September 20, 2016, New York, NY

  • First American Educational Finance Peer Discussion Event, NACUBO Conference, July 18, 2016, Montreal, PQ (65 participants)

  • Investing for Impact, FAFN and BASIC, Panel with representatives from Williams College and Prime Buccholz, July 14, 2016, Boston, MA

  • US SIF 2016 Annual Conference, Investing for the Next Generation, May 23-25, 2016, Washington, DC

  • Sustainatopia Conference, Panel with representatives from SF State University, Hampshire College, Stanford's Center for Social Innovation, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, May 1-4, 2016, San Francisco, CA

  • World Energy Innovation Forum, May 4-5, 2016, Fremont, CA 

  • Ceres Conference 2016, May 4-5, 2016, Boston, MA

  • Impact Investing ForumOpal Financial Group, April 17-19, 2016 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

  • 2nd Annual ESG, SRI, and Impact Investing SummitFinancial Research Associates, March 30-31, 2016, New York, NY 
  • Sustainable Investing: Moving into the Mainstream, BSAS, November 19th, 2015 | Boston, MA

  • Sustainatopia 2015, Panel with representatives from the Jesse Smith Noyes Foundation and Rockefeller & Co., November 2015 (25 participants) 
  • First American Educational Finance Peer Discussion Event, AASHE Conference, October, 2015, Minneapolis, MN (65 participants) 

  • AASHE 2015, Workshop with representatives from Unity College and the Sustainable Endowments Institute, October 2015 (35 participants) 

  • SOCAP 15, Panel with representatives from University of California, San Francisco State University, and PRI, October 2015 (50 participants)

  • MomentUS, Presentation on intentionally designed endowments (150 participants) 

  • BASIC / WISE Seminar, Moderated a panel on sustainable endowment investing, May 2015 (50 participants) 

  • US SIF Annual Conference, Moderated Plenary Panel: Higher Education, Endowments and Sustainability, May 2015 (200 participants) 

  • Chicago Area Endowments Meeting, Hosted a small meeting of endowment representatives and sustainable investing experts in the Chicago area, April 2015 (15 participants) 

  • MIT Debate, Moderated a debate hosted by MIT on “Should MIT Divest from Fossil Fuels?” April 2015 (400 participants) 

  • ESG, SRI, Impact Investing Summit, FRA, Panel presentation, March 2015 (150 participants) 

  • NCSE conference, Hosted a Session on Intentionally Designed Endowments, January 2015 (30 participants) 

  • The SRI Conference, Hosted a Session on Intentionally Designed Endowments, November 2014 (15 participants) 

  • AASHE Conference, Hosted a Session on Intentionally Designed Endowments, October 2014 (20 participants) 

  • ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit, Hosted a Session on Intentionally Designed Endowments, September 2014 (80 participants) 



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