Clean Energy Working Group

Investing in Clean Energy 

Identifying and sharing strategies for colleges and universities to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy through campus operations and their endowments. 

  • Chair: Chris O'Brien, Director of Higher Education Programs, Altenex; Lecturer and former Director of Sustainability, American University
  • John Chaimanis, Managing Director, Kendall Sustainable Infrastructrue
  • Daniel Dixon, Director, Office of Sustainability, University of Maine
  • Kevin Brennan, Principal, Equilibrium Capital
  • Alex Bernhardt, Head of Responsible Investment, US Mercer
  • Amy Farrell, President, Privos Advisory
  • Jenny Heeter, Senior Energy Analyst, NREL
  • Bracken Hendricks, CEO, Urban Ingenuity 
  • Nick Hylla, Executive Director, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
  • Ken Locklin, Director, Impax Asset Management
  • Michele Madia, Director of Education and Partnerships, Second Nature
  • Mark Orlowski, Executive Director, Sustainable Endowments Institute
  • Liesel Schwarz, Sustainability Director, Villanova University 
  • Dave Wallace, Managing Director, Investments, Pomona College

Resources from the Working Group:


For more resources, please visit IEN's Clean Energy Investing Resources Page.



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