Crewcial Partners

Crewcial Partners is an independent investment advisory and OCIO firm focused on providing customized investment advice to non-profit institutions. This focus has been core to our firm since it was founded in 1980.

Our firm’s evolution over the past 40 years includes expanding our scope of research from exclusively US to international, building out a robust private-assets team, developing a comprehensive diverse-manager discovery process, and anticipating and developing solutions to the ever-expanding requirements and concerns of our clients, from Investment Policy Statements to critical administrative responsibilities.

This work gives us the opportunity to make a difference. It was true 40 years ago when we began our journey with our first client, the Salvation Army, and it’s true today. The opportunity to serve non-profit institutions is a role we are proud and honored to fulfill.

We are a 100% employee-owned, boutique-style investment firm. At the core of our firm is our Investment Team, tasked with providing our clients with the prudent guidance and exceptional service they need to meet their investment objectives.

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