Engaging Corporations to Advance Racial Equity and a Net Zero World

How do you ensure that corporations are taking actions that align with their public support of the racial justice?

How do you move companies toward net zero emissions making them more environmentally and financially sustainable?


IEN is convening and supporting endowments to bring asset owner pressure to the companies they own to improve disclosure on climate risk and inequality, reduce GHG emissions, adopt science-based targets, and enact anti-discrimination strategies for gender and racial equity.


We are partnering with the following organizations to advance racial equity and a net zero economy through engagement: 


Higher Education Endowment Signatories to the 2020 Belonging Pledge: 

The 2020 Belonging Pledge is a commitment to discuss racial equity at the next investment committee meeting and to continue to advance the work thereafter.

  • Arizona State University Enterprise Partners
  • Pratt Institute
  • Warrem Wilson College


Sampling of IEN's Shareholder Engagement activities: 


Shareholder Engagement Resources 


Learn more about our other Social Equity Investing work and Climate Investing work.

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