Intentional Endowments



The Intentional Endowments Network supports colleges, universities, and other mission-driven tax-exempt organizations in aligning their endowment investment practices with their mission, values, and sustainability goals without sacrificing financial returns. In doing so, this broad-based, collaborative network will make a significant and critical contribution to creating a healthy, just, and sustainable society. 

Working closely with leading organizations and initiatives that are promoting institutional leadership on economic, social, and environmental sustainability, the network engages key leaders and stakeholders in the higher education, business, and non-profit sectors. It provides opportunities for education and training, peer networking, convening, thought leadership and information exchange.

Our goal is to create a robust and active network of institutional leaders and their stakeholders, industry practitioners and academic experts, that serves as a vehicle for a variety of actions (meetings, trainings, conferences, resources, education, peer-learning, etc.) to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Intentionally designed endowments, aligned with institutional mission, values, and sustainability goals, become the norm in higher education and other tax-exempt organizations, evidenced by growth in policies, practices and actions.

  2. Improved sustainability performance by businesses in response to investor concerns, evidenced by changes in corporate reporting, policies and behaviors related to investor demands and shareholder resolutions. 







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