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Kendall.pngKendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC (KSI) is a private equity company focused on producing outstanding returns and positive environmental impacts.  KSI is an affiliate of Kendall Investments a firm with a 12 year history. 

KSI manages investments into impact producing real assets, such as wind and solar energy projects with strong cash flows from long-term contracts (commonly called PPAs). The firm’s management has deep experience in power and equity markets and takes a long-term approach to this non-correlated and growing asset class.

Traditionally, Private Equity is associated with a “J-Curve” predicated on a favorable exit resulting from expectations of company growth and market enhancement. KSI’s approach is focused on direct ownership into core infrastructure projects that have completed development and are already cash flowing or about to cash flow.

Investments in sustainable infrastructure assets provide direct access to a basic need of society, energy, without the volatility associated with other methods. Furthermore, by utilizing on a non-depleting input such as sunlight, wind or water, these projects eliminate price risk associated with purchased commodities such as fuel.


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