Shareholder Engagement Working Group






This group focuses on developing strategies for colleges and universities to effectively use their rights as corporate shareowners in order to engage portfolio companies on governance and sustainability concerns about accountability, transparency, the environment, and social justice.


In the coming year, we will particularly focus on helping endowments address and
overcome their challenges of :
  1. Being more active shareholders
  2. Limited time and people resources devoted to investing the endowment
  3. Investment through commingled funds.



Contact Person: Alice DonnaSelva  [email protected]


Lisa Becker, Chief Operating Officer, University of Toronto Asset Management

Andrew Behar, CEO, Danielle Fugere, President, As You Sow

Ophir Bruck, US Relationship Manager, Principles for Responsible Investment

Eric Darrisaw, Omni Research Group

Amy Dine, Advisor and Board Member, Terra Alpha

Katherine Kroll, Sustainable Investing Analyst, Brown Advisory

Ben Linthicum, Alumnus and ESG Committee Liaison, Warren Wilson College

Jeff Mindlin, Vice President, Investments, Arizona State University Enterprise Partners

Dan Mitler, Manager, Shareholder Engagement, Ceres

Gabe Rissman, Cofounder, Stake PBC

Tim Smith, Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement, Boston Trust Walden

Heidi Vanni, Managing Director, Boston Trust Walden

Claire Veuthey, Director of ESG & Impact, OpenInvest

Heidi Welsh, Executive Director, Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2) 

Josh Zinner, CEO, ICCR

Student representative TBD from Student Coalition for Corporate Responsibility



Action Opportunities

Investor Sign-On Letters and Statements



Proxy Voting and Shareholder Engagement for Endowments, February 2017


Briefing paper 

Engaging Investment Managers on Proxy Voting & Other Forms of Shareholder Engagement, September 2016



Introduction to Proxy Voting, July 2016


For more resources, please visit IEN's Shareholder Engagement resources page



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