Webinar Carbon and Investment Implications for Fiduciaries

Webinar:  Carbon and Investment Implications for Fiduciaries

This webinar (from September 27, 2016) provides an interactive discussion with Commonfund experts, Jess Gaspar and Ethan Levine, revealing insights from the extensive research they have done over the past two years into how best to address the challenges of low carbon investing across both public and private markets. Commonfund’s research shows that the risks and opportunities are very real, and may be more urgent than many investors believe.


  • Jess Gaspar, PhD, Managing Director Head of Asset Allocation and Research, Commonfund
  • Ethan Levine, Director, Commonfund
  • Moderator: Jacquelyn Smith, Senior Fellow, Intentional Endowments Network

Stewards of perpetual capital are grappling with the implications of carbon exposure. Investors have multiple objectives to consider, including: 

  • Identifying, measuring, and managing risks and opportunities from potential taxation, regulation, and technological progress and;
  • Implementing a solution that preserves fiduciary responsibility 



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