IEN Webinar: The Case for Diverse and Woman Owned Alternative GP Staking and Seeding

March 30, 3023

The Endowment community continues showing interest in diverse, emerging, and women owned investment enterprises as it seeks competitive returns and avenues to further ESG and DEI mission objectives. GP staking and seeding in diverse alternative asset managers is a vastly under-resourced endeavor that can support these objectives.

There is a significant unmet need for diverse and women-owned alternative managers to source equity staking and seed capital for their enterprises that affords savvy and mission-oriented investors to achieve attractive long-term returns while meeting their mission objectives. This webinar will consider the opportunity set, risks, and rewards of such activity.

Participants of this webinar will learn the following:

● The process for identifying women owned GP firms and how to seed them

● The due diligence that goes behind that effort

● Learn the historical data supporting women owned GP financial performance.


Sherrese Clarke Soares, Founder and CEO, Harbourview Equity Partners

Jenifer B. Rizza, CFA, CAIA Trust Investment Manager, Eversource

Tina Byles-Williams, Xponance Founder, CEO & CIO

Lisa Hinds, Managing Director, Client Engagement & Sustainability (Moderator)



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