Xponance, Inc.


Xponance, Inc. and subsidiaries, Xponance Alts Solutions, Aapryl, LLC

We are a multi-strategy investment firm whose primary goal is to be a trusted client solutions partner. Our name is derived from the word “exponent” and dually connotes our core objectives—to be a zealous champion for our clients; and to provide higher level engagement and a broader array of solutions to meet their investment needs. We are employee owned by women and diverse professionals, whose common passion is to do the right thing for our clients and each other.

Xponance® is the successor firm representing the integration of two great legacy firms, FIS Group, Inc. and Piedmont Investment Advisors, Inc.  FIS Group offers global and non-U.S. equity investment strategies by harnessing the investment edge and focus of proven entrepreneurial or emerging managers in a tested strategic framework. Our specialized due diligence techniques and product seeding strategies of capacity constrained strategies remain designed to generate sustainable alpha for our clients. Founded in 2000, Piedmont specializes in creating systematic, risk controlled active and passive equity strategies. Our fixed income strategies span the maturity spectrum and provide income and downside protection through differentiated off-benchmark and off the run securities. Our expansion into Alternatives strategies leverages Xponance’s long track record of sourcing, supporting and seeding Diverse & Emerging Managers to the private markets through a combination of bespoke capital structures and seeding.

Our history reflects successful transformation underpinned by our founding mission. As a former Chief Investment Officer of an asset owner, our founder and CEO, Tina Byles Williams, understands both the operating environment and challenges faced by our clients. This understanding, fueled by her passion for offering client solutions and providing opportunities for women and diverse investment professionals, led her to mortgage her home to establish Fiduciary Investment Solutions (FIS) in 1996. This commitment flows into our mission, which is to strive to serve our clients as a trusted solutions partner with investment excellence generated by diverse and entrepreneurial professionals, that remain our lodestar as we grow, diversify, and expand:

Earn the privilege to serve our clients: We listen and go the extra mile to earn their trust.
Working Together: We challenge each other to sharpen our insights, embrace diversity, and expect integrity and mutual respect.
Ownership: We are stakeholders that are fully accountable to our clients and each other.

Facts matter: We leverage data and technology to derive optimal solutions for our clients.

Xponance,® together with its subsidiary companies Aapryl and Xponance Alts Solutions manifest a journey of successful transformation undergirded by our core mission and values. Together, we offer a broad range of investment solutions, managed by a deep bench of investment professionals, supported by a strong and more durable firm.

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