2021 Divestment Survey Results

The Intentional Endowments Network polled endowments and consultants in October 2021 regarding their positions on divestment. 

This information is intended to provide a high level overview of endowments’ and consultants’ stance on divestment; their progress to date; their thoughts on best practices; and, if they had not divested, information on how their institution would approach these issues.

You can find a PDF copy of the results below.

Divestment Survey Results

This survey was conducted in response to IEN member institutions who were interested in better understanding how their peers are thinking about divestment at this time.

Many endowments are evaluating two distinct -- but related -- approaches to addressing climate risk in their portfolios: fossil fuel divestment and net zero portfolios. Please visit our Net Zero Endowments Initiative page to learn more about making a net zero commitment.


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