3Sisters Sustainable Management

Benjamin Bingham is the CEO/Founder of 3Sisters Sustainable Management, focused on 100% impact portfolios across private and public asset classes ( www.3sistersinvest.com ).  Educated at Groton School, Yale and Emerson College (UK), his writing and work draws on broad experience as an artist, bio-dynamic farmer, and teacher. His pioneering book on Impact Investing: Making Money Matter is an important contribution to this expanding movement (www.makingmoneymatter.cash ).
Ben’s family were heirs of the Tiffany fortune and he used his resources t co-found a successful social enterprise (Triform Camphill Community) in the 80’s and two tech start-ups in the 90’s. He became an investment advisor to his network of socially-minded investors at Legg Mason back in 2001 and has been an independent money manager for families since 2007.
No longer expanding the small family office, 3Sisters is focused on product development and management to help other advisors, consultants for family offices, foundations and endowments as well as self-directed investors. Our goal is to facilitate a major transition to meaningful impact investments that can make as much money, or more, with as little risk, or less. We have over 5 years of performance numbers on public and private portfolios both direct and indirect, debt and equity and can structure separately managed accounts for significant investors. It is notable that Dan Martell, an institutional investor, formerly of Martell Trading, is overseeing our Global All-Cap ESG portfolio which offers a covered call strategy, along with a universe of beneficial product/service stock companies that address SDG issues and whose CSR ratings are superior.

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