Arnerich Massena builds lasting legacies in service of a greater good by investing with vision, passion, and purpose. Founded in 1991, Arnerich Massena is an independent, 100% employee-owned investment advisory firm serving endowments, foundations, charitable organizations, private clients, trusts and estates, and corporations.

Focused on client service and investing in change, Arnerich Massena creates portfolios that reflect top-tier research and collaborative expertise cultivated over nearly 30 years. The firm is different by design, bringing innovation and a forward-looking approach to investment research and portfolio construction. Known for successfully investing in high-impact areas like water resources, sustainable agriculture, fisheries, healthcare, and clean energy technology, Arnerich Massena has been a pioneer in the investment industry with alternative investment strategies, global portfolios, and private markets expertise.

Arnerich Massena is dedicated to constantly seeking new opportunities that resonate with clients’ values, objectives, and the outcomes they are looking for. The firm strives to be a business that exemplifies both corporate citizenship and professional service and has received awards for its innovations in corporate philanthropy.





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