Brandeis University

Endowment Value: $1.04 billion (June 2018)

Brandeis University is a private college, with campuses located in Waltham, Massachusetts. The Brandeis Sustainability Fund provides financial support for Brandeis undergraduate students willing to undertake projects and/or activities to improve Brandeis’s environmental sustainability.

Brandeis University has a strong history of leadership in social justice, a legacy that has impacted its endowment management policies. Since its adoption of a Responsible Investor General Guideline by the Board of Trustees in 1973, Brandeis University has strived to be conscious of the social and environmental impact of its investments and exercises its ethical responsibilities as an investor. Following significant student activism and the recommendations of an Exploratory Committee on Fossil Fuel Divestment, in November of 2018 the president of the Brandeis officially announced the Board of Trustee’s decision to adopt a coal divestment policy. Furthermore, the president’s announcement also stated that The Investment Office and the board’s Investment Committee would take proactive measures to focus on finding investments in renewable energy sources and technologies focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other causes of climate change.


Brandeis University is a participant or member of the following Initiatives & Commitments: 


Other Sustainable Investing Practices:

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