California State University, East Bay

California State University—East Bay

Endowment Value: $16.9 million (2020)

California State University, East Bay is a public university in Hayward, California. CSU East Bay is part of the 23-campus California State University system and has a student body of almost 16,000 students. California State University East Bay's endowment is directly managed by the Cal State East Bay Educational Foundation. The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees who work closely with the University.  

According to the Foundation’s 2015 Investment Statement Policy, “the Foundation shall establish an SRI/ESG long-term portfolio to provide an option to donors who wish to maximize return, consistent with safety of principal, while “screening” to exclude companies that make products such as guns, cigarettes, etc., that are contrary to these donors’ values.” However, as of 2019, the SRI/ESG fund has not yet been utilized since no donor has requested to invest their gift in such a fund. 

Following student and faculty activism efforts, the California faculty association’s CSU East Bay chapter passed a resolution supporting a petition calling on the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) to divest from the 200 largest fossil fuel corporations as well as other student-driven petitions.

California State University, East Bay is a participant or member of the following Initiatives & Commitments: 

  • IEN Member (2016)
  • AASHE STARS: Yes, Bronze
  • ACUPCC: Yes, Climate Neutral By 2040
  • Billion Dollar Green Challenge: No
  • CDP: No
  • Committee for Investor Responsibility: No
  • Divestment Goal: Yes, halt fossil fuel investments  
  • INCR: Yes
  • Montreal Carbon Pledge: No
  • Sustainable Investment Fund: No
  • Sustainable Investment Policy: No
  • Principles for Responsible Investment: No


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