CDP Signatories

Signatories to the CDP join an extensive network of investors in addressing companies they invest in or lend money to, on the key structural challenges presented by climate change and natural resource scarcity.


Endowment CDP Signatories: 

  • California State University, Northridge (USA)
  • Colorado College (USA)
  • Columbia University (USA)
  • Becker College (USA)
  • Harvard Management Company (USA) Climate
  • The New School (USA) Climate, Water, Forests & Carbon Action
  • Unity College (USA) Climate, Water & Forests
  • University of California System (USA) Climate, Water, Forests & Carbon Action
  • University of Edinburgh Endowment (UK) Climate & Water
  • University of Massachusetts (USA)
  • University of Sydney Endowment Fund (Australia) Climate 
  • University of Toronto (Canada) 
  • University Superannuation Scheme (UK) Climate & Water
  • York University Pension Fund (Canada) Climate & Water


For a complete list of CDP Signatories and Members, click here.


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