Conference Call: Investing for the Next Economy

 Conference Call : Investing in the New Economy


What does is mean to invest in the Next Economy? Green Alpha Advisors believes that the most promising way to generate portfolio returns is to invest in companies that offer innovative sustainability solutions and avoid companies that contribute to resource scarcity and global warming. Green Alpha seeks companies believed to be leaders in managing environmental risks and opportunities across economic sectors who have made it their business to work towards a world wherein the economy and our underlying ecosystems can persist side by side indefinitely

 Listen to Presentations from:

Garvin Jabusch, Co-Founder, CIO, Green Alpha Advisors LLC
Jeremy Deems, Co-Founder, CFO, Green Alpha Advisors LLC
Betsy Moszeter, COO, Green Alpha Advisors LLC

Moderated by: Suzanne Taylor, Vice President of Sales, Shelton Capital Management.

The conference call is Thursday, June 18th, at 12 AM Eastern/ 9 AM Pacific

Register here.

  • Toll-Free Access Number: 1-800-920-7487
  • Participant Code: 7698138#

For more information on Shelton Capital Management and the Shelton Green Alpha Fund visit their webpage here


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