COVID ESG Resources

Below is a list of resources about ESG investments during COVID-19 Pandemic

Sustainable Investing: Resilience Amid Uncertainty | BlackRock, May 2020

Sustainability advocates find ESG focus is paying dividends | Pensions&Investments, May 2020

Socially Responsible ETFs Held Up Better During the Sell-Off | ETF Trends, May 2020

Sustainable Funds Fell Less During the Selloff | Wall Street Journal, May 2020

What does the oil slump mean for green investment? | Responsible Investor, May 2020

ESG proves its resilience in the fastest bear market in history | The Asset, April 2020

The Chain: How the COVID-19 Crisis is Affecting ESG Investing | Chain Reaction Research, April 2020

Coronavirus ESG Monitor | TruValue Labs, April 2020

MSCI ESG Indexes during the coronavirus crisis | MSCI, April 2020

Mercer: COVID-19 elevates the value of responsible investing | Responsible Investor, April 2020

Op-ed: Investors will reward companies that take care of others in the coronavirus pandemic | CNBC, April 2020

Asset Owners Can And Should Evaluate Their Manager's Performance Towards Systemic Goals | Forbes, April 2020

Covid-19 Will Boost Interest in ESG Investing: Nuveen | ThinkAdvisor, April 2020

As pandemic rages on, ESG funds shine brightly | InvestmentNews, April 2020

The Evolution of ESG in the US: Pre, During and Post Coronavirus | Reuters, April 2020

ESG is increasingly important in credit ratings, Moody's says | Bloomberg Green, April 2020

ESG Strategies so far withstanding coronavirus assault - Calvert CEO | Pensions&Investments, April 2020

Sustainable funds a safer harbour in coronavirus market meltdown | Reuters, April 2020

Green shoots of hope: How sustainable is performance spike in ESG funds post-pandemic? | Investment Week, April 2020

ESG's not a panacea, but it's here to stay | CityWire, April 2020

Have ESG funds outperformed non-ESG funds during the crisis? | CityWire, April 2020

Can business throw ESG concerns aside after the pandemic | Forbes, April 2020

ESG funds continue to outperform wider market | Financial Times, April 2020

How Covid-19 could shape the ESG landscape for years to come | DWS Research Institute, April 2020

Have ESG funds passed their performance test? | CityWire, March 2020

BlackRock weekly commentary on sustainable investing March 30th | BlackRock, March 2020

ESG implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic | BMO Global Asset Management, March 2020

Larry Fink letter to shareholders | BlackRock, March 2020

ESG Funds Outperform 'Sin Stocks' in Slumping Global Markets | Bloomberg, March 2020

Social enterprise stocks weather market storm better: BofA Report | Business Standard, March 2020

Sustainable companies are beating the market during the crisis | Barron's, March 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Could Elevate ESG Factors | Wall Street Journal, March 2020

The reason why ESG funds outperformed during the market sell-off | Money Observer, March 2020

ESG shines in the crash | Financial Times, March 2020

Sustainable Funds are Outperforming in Bear Market | Morningstar, March 2020

Older ESG Funds Outperform Their Newer Rivals in Market Tumult | Bloomberg, March 2020

Coronavirus, oil prices, and ESG | Sustainalytics, March 2020

What the oil shock means for ESG funds | FT Adviser, March 2020

Sustainable Funds Weathering Coronavirus Correction Better Than Most | Morningstar, March 2020

The cure for coronavirus? Investors think it is ESG | Financial Intelligence, March 2020

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