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Davy Global Fund Management (‘DGFM’) is a boutique active manager headquartered in Ireland. DGFM is part of Davy Group, which was founded in 1926 and is one of Ireland’s leading providers of asset management, wealth management, capital markets and financial advisory services.

Quality and ESG are the foundations of our investment philosophy. We apply a distinctive quality-based approach and integrate ESG into every strategy. Our “Quantamental” investment process combines the strengths of both fundamental and quantitative styles.

Quality: We believe that investing in stocks that demonstrate persistent characteristics can transcend traditional investing styles such as growth and value. Our quest for high-quality stocks uses a sophisticated, proprietary definition of quality that focuses on the four pillars of profitability, persistence, protection and people. This approach is underpinned by in-depth analysis and academic research, which ensures we focus on investing in safe, growing, profitable and well-managed companies.

ESG: ESG risks are among the most acute long-term challenges businesses face today. The way companies manage such risks provides a crucial non-financial input to our investment process. We integrate ESG continually through our process, from direct incorporation into valuation models, through to research and company engagement that seeks to drive long-term ESG momentum.

Quantamental: Our innovative investment process combines the freedom of judgement of fundamental investing with the bias-free objectivity of a quantitative model. In this way, we seek to provide clients with the best of both investing worlds.




James R. Grant, Jr.
Director, US Institutions
Davy Global Fund Management

Phone: 1-630-716-1719
[email protected]

US Address:
One Lincoln Centre, 18 W 140 Butterfield Road, Suite 1535,
Oak Brook Terrace, IL 60181


Ireland Address:
Davy House
49 Dawson Street
Dublin 2
D02 PY05

Davy Global Fund Management 

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