Davy Global Fund Management


Established in 1926, Davy Global Fund Management (DGFM) is part of the Davy Group, one of Ireland’s leading providers of asset management, wealth management, capital markets and financial advisory services.

DGFM is a global investor redefining active management by blending quantitative and fundamental techniques (“Quantamental”) with a focus on responsible investing. It is bottom-up and Quality focused having developed its own proprietary definition based on four pillars of “Profitability”, “Persistence”, “Protection” and “People”. This work is supported by rigorous in-depth analysis and underpinned by academic research, ensuring it focuses on investing in safe, growing, profitable and well-managed firms.

Quality and ESG are integral at all stages of the investment process from idea generation through, portfolio construction, risk management and implementation.

Quality: It uses its bespoke model of Quality to rapidly contextualise the investment universe, frame its qualitative research as well as to help scale positions and keep it focused on sell discipline.

ESG: ESG is woven throughout its investment process from direct incorporation into its proprietary company valuations models through explicit screening and company engagement depending upon the strategy. This allows for accommodation of a wide range of mission values in bespoke mandates.

DGFM understands the importance of adaptability and so its process learns as it learns. DGFM is constantly seeking new ways to improve the investment process and considers itself “Data Inspired” not “Data Driven”.


James R. Grant, Jr.
Director, US Institutions
One Lincoln Centre, 18 W 140 Butterfield Road, Suite 1535,
Oak Brook Terrace, IL 60181
Phone: 1-630-716-1719
Email: jim.grant@davy.ie


Ireland Address:
Davy House
49 Dawson Street
Dublin 2
D02 PY05

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