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At Diffractive Managers Group, we share a passion for investing and the impetus for positive change it can create, especially through differentiated active strategies. At Diffractive, we bring a critical lens to what really makes the difference in portfolios. Whether it’s sustainability alpha, access to the illiquidity premium or offsetting equity volatility, the team at Diffractive are purposeful in discovering and delivering strategies with forward-thinking approaches to meet the needs of today’s investors.

Our multi-affiliate model affords us the freedom to deliver differentiated investment strategies to investment professionals and their clients, shedding light on previously undiscovered approaches and guiding them to harder-to-reach parts of the market through skilled, centralized distribution.

This multi-dimensional offering means we are not bound to one strategy, investment style, or asset class. Instead, we offer what is needed most, from our stable of specialist affiliates, to suit any given point in the market cycle. Through our diversified portfolio of affiliates, we offer a purpose-built collection of solutions to meet the standards, needs and interests of our clients first and foremost.

We are a business built on alignment: between ourselves, our affiliates, and our investors’ needs. By growing collectively, we can have a greater impact on our own lives, our communities and on society as a whole. That’s what we call investing with intention.

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