IEN Webinar: Allocating to Diverse-Owned Asset Managers

Date: August 5, 2020

Historically, investors have prioritized diversification with a focus on asset class, investment strategy, sector, and company. However, the diversification of manager backgrounds (and thus perspectives) has often gone unexplored. Allocating to asset management firms owned by people of color is necessary to diversify talent and deal flow and improve the endowment investment's risk and return profile. This panel digs into examples of how institutions can begin to allocate to diverse-owned asset managers and leave the participants with action steps to deploy capital behind people of color for better investing.




Tiffany McGhee, Partner, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chief Investment Officer of Institutional Client Services, Momentum AdvisorsRead Tiffany's bio here.

Jasmine Richards, Head of Diverse Manager Research, Cambridge Associates. Read Jasmine's bio here.
Anthony Rust, Chair of the Investment Committee, Warren Wilson College. Read Anthony's bio here.
Justin Wilson, Director, Diverse Asset Managers Initiative (DAMI). Read Justin's bio here.


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