Ecotrust Forest Management


For over a decade we have been developing climate-smart approaches to natural forest management that are the key to unlocking value in a carbon-constrained future. We use our expertise in conservation finance to develop mutually beneficial public-private projects, and draw from our relationships with forest product companies, public agencies, non-profits and tribes to develop compelling investment opportunities.

We use private capital alongside conservation finance tools to acquire forestland assets with unique environmental and social attributes. We manage these lands to FSC® standards – the highest benchmark for responsible forestry. As active forestland managers we work to enhance forest health and productivity and we harvest steady amounts of timber as well as other forest products to support rural enterprises.

Since our founding in 2004, EFM has raised over $130M to transition 100,000 acres of forestland to climate-smart management in Oregon, Washington, and California.

EFM Brochure

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