Additional Resources on Financial Performance

ESG Matters | ISS Governance, January 2020
Divest Invest Philanthropy: Five Years After Launch | Croatan Institute, October 2019
Financial Performance of ESG Integration in US Investing |Principles for Responsible Investment, February 2018
Sustainable Investing and Bond Returns | Barclays, October 2016
ESG & Corporate Financial Performance: Mapping the Global Landscape | Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, University of Hamburg, December 2015
Allocating Capital for Long-Term Returns | Generation Foundation, May 2015
Corporate Sustainability: First Evidence on Materiality (pdf) l Mozaffar Khan, George Serafeim, Aaron Yoon, March 9, 2015
The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Processes and Performance (pdf) | Robert G. Eccles, Ioannis Ioannou, George Serafeim, Harvard Business School, July 2013
Where's The 'F' in ESG? l Wilshire Consulting, March 2018
Why and How Investors Use ESG Information: Evidence from a Global Survey l SSRN, March, 2017
Measuring The Economic Impact of Short-Termism | McKinsey Global Institute, February, 2017
Impact Investing: the Performance Realities | Bank of America Merrill Lynch, November 2016
ESG Factors and Risk-Adjusted Performance: A New Quantitative Model | Granito & Partners, September 2016
Alpha-Generating Potential and Value of Integrated ESG Analysis | Calvert Investments, June 2016
The Appeal of Sustainable Investing | Jon Hale, Morningstar Magazine, January 2016
ESG and Financial Performance: Aggregated Evidence From More Than 2000 Empirical Studies l Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, December 2015
Sustainable Investing: Addressing the Myth of Underperformance | Cornerstone Capital Group, September 24, 2015
The Role of the Corporation in Society: Implications for Investors | The Calvert-Serafeim Series, September 2015
Calvert Releases Paper Quantifying Impacts of ESG Factors in Equity Investments | July 22, 2015
Can ESG Add Alpha? | MSCI, June 2015
Sustainable Reality: Understanding the Performance of Sustainable Investment Strategies (pdf) |Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, March 2015
From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder: How Sustainability Can Drive Financial Outperformance | Gordon L. Clark, Andreas Feiner, Michael Viehs, March 5, 2015
Turning a Profit While Doing Good: Aligning Sustainability with Corporate Performance l Brookings Institute, December 2014, By George Serafeim
Long-Term Investing: An Institutional Investor Perspective l October 2014, Centre for International Finance and Regulation
New Evidence: How High Impact Portfolios Can Out Perform Traditional Portfolios l HIP Investor, June 2014
Focusing Capital on the Long Term l Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman, Harvard Business Review, 2014 Issue
Resilient Portfolios & Fossil Free Pensions l HIP Investor, September 2013
Quantifying Well-being and Impact can Drive Investors to Build a Better World l Social Science Research Network, February 2013
Does Corporate Social Responsibility Lead to Superior Financial Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Approach | Caroline Flammer, October 2013
Sustainable Investing: Establishing Long-Term Value and Performance (pdf) | DB Climate Change Advisors, June 2012
Alpha from Sustainability (pdf) | SAM Research, Robeco Quantitative Strategies, 2011
Sustainability: Opportunity or Opportunity Cost? Applying ESG Factors to a Portfolio does not Negatively Impact Performance and May Enhance It (pdf) |RCM Sustainability White Paper, 2011
The Financial Performance of SRI Funds Between 2002 and 2009 | Olaf Weber, Marco Mansfield, Eric Schirrmann, June 2010


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