Greenbacker Group

Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company (“Greenbacker”) is a publicly registered non-traded company that is in the business of investing in a diversified portfolio of income-producing renewable energy power facilities, energy efficiency projects and other sustainable infrastructure assets. They have a simple investment philosophy where they purchase power plants using established renewable technologies such as solar and wind, to create and sell electricity under long-term contract to Utilities, Municipalities and Corporations.  To date they have invested more than $200m in renewable energy projects.  They have recently developed a Reg. D offering specifically designed to allow family offices and institutions to participate in the fund through a separate share class with institutional terms. This approach has the advantage of enabling Family Offices and RIA's to participate in the income stream of our existing portfolio of projects as well as accessing the extensive pipeline of deals that Greenbacker has put together for future investment. (Current %6.65 annual distribution paid monthly / 100% tax deferred).




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