Holden Lee (Tides Foundation)




Holden Lee, Chief Investment Officer, and CFO

I am a purpose-driven leader with deep experience in helping corporations, mission-driven entities, and individuals achieve their strategic objectives. My unique perspective comes from more than twenty-five years of hands-on creative work in the capital markets at the intersection of the public, private, and philanthropic spheres, including public-private partnerships, portfolio management, and ESG / sustainable / impact investing. In assuming multiple roles in my career - as an investor, operating executive, transaction lead, grantee, consultant, board member - I see patterns and solutions across systems, sectors, and issue areas. I am particularly interested in working with evolving organizations and families and developing innovative investment strategies that mobilize resources to help solve the pressing issues of our time.

- Organizational governance, enterprise risk, and financial operations
- Board and Investment / Finance / Audit Committee experience
- Creating and implementing sophisticated investment portfolios across a full range of asset classes
- Trends in wealth management, institutional investing, philanthropy
- ESG / Sustainable / Impact Investing, with a focus on strategic alignment, private investments, program-related investments, and blended Return on Investment (ROI) frameworks
- Fund development strategy
- Multi-Family Office leadership
- Community Foundation strategy and operations
- Private investments (private equity, venture capital, real estate)
- Real assets: project finance, infrastructure, cleantech, land, water, ecosystems services and conservation credits

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