IEN Webinar: A Conversation on Reparations Finance in Honor of Juneteenth

June 28, 2023 | 12 PM ET

While the critical work of increasing diversity in asset management and on Boards of companies, endowments, and foundations must continue, we must go further to address harm to BIPOC communities. How can our institutions and investments help dismantle practices and structures in all institutions that perpetuate harm? How can we recognize intergenerational trauma, eliminate the racial wealth gap, and end modern-day systemic racism through reparative redress for uncompensated labor, knowledge, and property of descendants of African and Indigenous people? 

During this webinar, leaders from the Intentional Endowments Network and its partners explored these questions and share ideas on how the network might effectively raise the bar for endowments and foundations' racial equity efforts, both working within the constraints of the current system and where the system might need to change.

All donations and proceeds from this webinar were donated to Reparations Finance Lab, a financial services non-profit dedicated to facilitating private sector allocation of reparative capital to the descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade globally.



Monique's Slides




 Moderator: Dorien Nunez, Co-Founder and President, OMNIResearch; Senior Fellow, Intentional Endowments Network




 Enith Williams, Founder and Executive Director, Reparations Finance Lab





 Obie Mckenzie, Trustee, Tennessee State University





 Dr. Thomas Craemer, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut





 Dianne Dillon Ridgley, Board Chair, Crane Institute of Sustainability, Intentional Endowments Network




 Monique Aiken, Managing Director, The Investment Integration Project

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