Investing in a Shifting Food Supply System

Investing in a Shifting Food Supply System: Addressing the Inefficiencies That Contribute to Food Insecurity

November 16, 2022

Political instability, poverty, limited access to adequate housing or employment are some of the factors that contribute to food insecurity around the world. Join IEN and a lineup of speakers from VegTech Invest, Project Drawdown, The Good Food Institute, the FAIRR Initiative, and Barclays for a discussion on the inefficiencies that contribute to food insecurity. This virtual, hour-long conversation also explored how investing in shifting the global food supply system to be more efficient can help to address our current inefficiencies and positively impact food insecurity.

Participants learned:

  • Why our current food supply system is responsible, at least in part and in addition to political strife, for current food inefficiency and current and future food insecurity
  • How businesses in the alternative proteins, plant-based innovation, and food tech sectors are addressing food insecurity
  • What investible technologies are being developed to address food insecurity and food independence
  • How emerging and current investable technologies will be applied evenly across countries and economic tiers

Our moderator Elysabeth Alfano, CEO of VegTech Invest, was joined by panelists Sharyn Murray of the Good Food Institute, Maria Lettini of the FAIRR Initiative, Matt Spence of Barclays, and Paul West of Project Drawdown. 







 Elysabeth Alfano, CEO, VegTech Invest





 Matt Spence, Managing Director, Head of Food Technology and Alternative Protein, Barclays





 Maria Lettini, Executive Director, FAIRR Initiative





 Sharyn Murray, Investor Engagement Manager, Good Food Institute





 Paul West, Senior Scientist, Ecosystems and Agriculture, Project Drawdown





Paul West slides

The national security case for lab-grown and plant-based meat.

The 2021 State of the Industry: Cultivated meat and seafood

The State of the Industry 2021: Fermentation for alternative proteins

2021 State of the Industry: Plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy

Industry Update: Alternative seafood

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