Investing in Racial Equity

Learning the Basics: 

Read through a quick guide to some fundamental concepts in investing for racial equity: 

Investing in Racial Equity: A Primer for University & College Endowments

Intended to be a catalyst for conversation and action on racial equity for fiduciaries of university endowments and provide a roadmap for endowments at different points in their journey on next steps.

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How Investments Drive Injustice and What Investors Can Do About It 

Transform Finance presents an approach to action across all holdings for investors concerned with racial justice. 

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Capital at Crossroads: Accelerating Racial Equity Investing Across Asset Classes

REEFS offers a synopsis of the evolution from community development and ESG investing to the emergence of investing explicitly with a racial equity lens, proposes a definition for racial equity investing, and presents emerging opportunities across asset classes for investors.

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Investing to Advance Racial Equity

Cornerstone Capital's report on how investors can contribute to the narrowing of economic disparities by investing in communities of color.

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Racial Equity Investing: The Time Is Now

Cambridge Associates highlights puts forward three actions investors can take to address the inequities inherent in our society.

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Racial Equity Investing: Opportunities for Impact & Alpha

Glenmede's paper reports on the state of the racial equity investing market in the U.S. with a specific focus on investments that aim to provide competitive, market-rate returns. 

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Industry Actions for Racial Equity –Investment Management

This workplace transformation guide considers the state of racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) for the investment management industry and shares insights, actions, common pitfalls and examples.

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IEN Curated Resources: 

Publications & articles

A library of publications and articles IEN has developed on racial equity 

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Webinars and online workshops 

Recordings of webinars that IEN has hosted on racial equity 

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Access event summaries and panel recordings on racial equity 

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Collection of thought leadership by network members and partners on racial equity 

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IEN Working Groups and Initiatives 

Join IEN's Working Groups focused on advancing racial equity 

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Act for Impact:

Take Action on Racial Equity

See what investors can do to take action on racial equity

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