Leading with Justice: Net Zero Investing & Conversations on Climate Justice

In partnership with The 22 Fund (The 22) Adasina Social Capital, and Global Endowment Management (GEM)

Join us on the “The 22 Fund Day", 2/22/22 at 12:30 PM PT for a conversation around climate justice with the release of the report:

"Leading with Justice: Net Zero Investing & Conversations on Climate Justice"

Sessions Recording

In partnership with The 22 Fund (The 22), Adasina Social Capital, Global Endowment Management (GEM) and Intentional Endowments Network (IEN), please join us on the “The 22 Fund Day," 2/22/22, at 12:30 PM PT for a conversation around climate justice with the the release of the paper Leading with Justice: Net Zero Investing & Conversations on Climate Justice.

Climate Justice IS Social and Economic Justice
Today, there is extensive evidence demonstrating how climate change disproportionately affects low-income people and populations of color who are at the frontlines of higher risks of heatwaves, extreme weather events, environmental degradation and subsequent labor market dislocations. For investors, our choices of where to invest and how to invest have meaningful ramifications for these communities. Frontline communities, who are hit first and hardest, are the best positioned to effectuate change, but are consistently overlooked as a source of solutions.

Hear from a panel of experts on the impact and interdependence of climate, social and economic justice.

The Panel:
Taj Ahmad Eldridge, General Partner, Include Ventures 
Tracy Gray, Managing Partner, The 22 Fund
Pedro Henriques da Silva, Associate, Global Endowment Management
Renee Morgan, Social Justice Strategist, Adasina Social Capital
Vanessa Roanhorse, Co-Founder, Roanhorse Consulting, LLC 

Sessions Recording

About The 22 Fund
The number 2 is auspicious in numerological circles and we believe that 2/22/22 is an auspicious day for The 22 Fund. The 22 was named after The 22 pobladores, the men and women of color who founded and built Los Angeles to become a vibrant and prosperous city of multi-diversity embracing technology and leading climate justice.

The 22 invests in women and people of color who are typically overlooked by traditional sources of capital, yet who are leading companies at the forefront of climate solutions and social and economic justice. By investing in clean tech, high growth manufacturing, we are not only providing climate solutions in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods most directly damaged by the climate crisis, but we are also providing high paying jobs in these communities. Our holistic approach to impact investing embraces Climate Justice, as well as Social and Economic justice, while providing high returns to our investors.

About Adasina Social Capital
At Adasina Social Capital, we're committed to making large-scale, systemic change through investments in public markets. Our diverse team of people from non-traditional backgrounds works closely with the communities we intend to impact – aligning investors with social justice movements. Beyond creating our own investment criteria, Adasina mobilizes investors to drive long-term impact through industry campaigns and education.

We believe in bold, decisive action. Adasina’s commitment to social justice movements centers the voices of communities most impacted by injustice as we leverage investments to pursue racial, gender, economic, and climate justice.

About Global Endowment Management
Founded in 2007 by former executives from the Duke University Management Company and The Duke Endowment, Global Endowment Management (GEM) is a leading endowment-style investment office, providing institutional investment capability and comprehensive impact investment solutions for mission-driven clients. After more than a decade of investing for mission-driven clients, we know that "one-size" does not fit all. We meet clients where they are, and design portfolios to meet their needs. By doing our job effectively, we empower our client investors to further advance their organizational missions.

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