Leading with Justice: Net Zero Investing & Conversations on Climate Justice

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Roadmaps to net-zero have often been ill-defined and miss the importance of justice in mitigating climate change and reversing the harm it has had on communities, especially communities of color. The Intentional Endowments Network's Net Zero Endowments Initiative has recognized the tendency to silo these issues and has created a subcommittee that focuses on the intersectionality of climate and racial justice. This paper is a result of that subcommittee's efforts to explore climate justice and aims to do three things: provide a background and working definition of climate justice; argue that climate justice is central to reaching net-zero goals; and provide practical methods to implementing climate justice. 


Pedro Henriques da Silva, GEM


Georges Dyer, IEN
Renee Morgan, Adasina
Tracy Gray, The 22 Fund
Paul Rissman, Rights CoLab
                                                              Kaede Kawauchi, Ceres
                                                              Lindsey White, Ceres
                                                              Kelly Major Green, Graystone
                                                              Madeline Clark, Cambridge
                                                              Carol Jeppesen, UNPRI


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