Lynn Benander

Screen_Shot_2015-02-18_at_9.15.49_PM.pngLynn Benander is an educator and community entrepreneur. Using a broad range of skills and experience, she has helped to build community-owned businesses across the Northeast, bringing quality jobs, sustainable products and services, and valuable assets to local communities. She has been particularly focused on ensuring that individuals and communities that have traditionally had limited participation in our economic system gain access and influence.  Working with non-profits, governmental entities, community development corporations, planning commissions, businesses, institutions of higher learning, and cooperatives.

Lynn effectively promotes community economic development focused on justice and sustainability. For the last ten years, she has been the manager of the rapidly growing Co-op Power, an innovative energy cooperative that leverages the buying power of members from throughout the greater Boston area, western Massachusetts, and southern Vermont to invest in job creation, business development, local capital, and community building.

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