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Martin Investment Management, LLC is an independent, multigenerational SEC registered investment advisor located in Evanston, Illinois. The majority female–owned firm is comprised of forward-looking investment professionals who believe in the power of the compounding of wealth and the preservation of capital over time. The firm has four primary strategies: “Best Ideas” Growth with a Value Discipline (1990), global Eco-Investing (2008), international Tortue Capital™ (2008), and Martin Global Investing (2016). All strategies include both company fundamentals and qualitative evaluations with established valuation process in concentrated portfolios of 25 to 30 large capitalization, high-quality stocks.

The global Eco-Investing strategy invests in global large capitalization, high-quality fossil fuel free equities, which are focused on positive environmental stewardship. Its investment objective is to outperform its benchmark of the MSCI World Index after fees over a full market cycle. In evaluating stocks along ESG dimensions, Martin Investment Management, LLC uses the innovative and proprietary ESG technology of its affiliate, Censible. Censible combines disparate data from several different data sources, but its methodology distinguishes itself by assessing ESG factor exposures at the business segment level of a company. Through Censible, Martin Investment Management, LLC dynamically incorporates ESG factors into its global Eco-Investing strategy.

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Patrick A. Martin, CFA
Sandra Staskon Martin
Mary Ellen Martin Zellerbach
1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 1250
Evanston, Illinois 60201
(847) 424-9124



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