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This is your peer learning and professional development platform designed to generate knowledge exchange, and the co-creation of resources covering key innovations and trends in endowment management. The Network generates resources and convenings focused on key trends and practices with the guiding principle of generating profits by investing in a thriving, regenerative, and inclusive economy.

We encourage you to connect with others and suggest new activities or projects that would be helpful to you and your organization’s work related to expanding sustainable investing. We invite you to share your feedback on IEN’s activities on an ongoing basis with the IEN team and via the annual membership survey.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your engagement!


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Knowledge Sharing and Resource Co-Creation

Weekly Round-Up - Exclusive Members Version
Weekly Roundup for IEN members includes a digestible summary of the latest trends in endowment management and ESG, sustainable, and impact investing across key themes. Members receive full access to this key resource for keeping up with a rapidly evolving field. Subscribe here

Online Facilitated Conversations and Webinars
Join us for quarterly online Community Conversations and for Monthly Webinars where members share sector updates,  insights and potential opportunities for future collaboration. To propose a webinar or conversation topic, please contact Network Manager Hannah Bowen: hannah@intentionalendowments.org

Learning and Professional Development

Sector Insights
The resources section on our website features reports, articles, and videos on key topics, which we update regularly: http://www.intentionalendowments.org/resources

The “Primer” on intentionally designed endowments is a recommended starting point for new members: http://www.intentionalendowments.org/primer 

Intentionally Designed Endowment Roadmap

The interactive Roadmap section of our website guides members to definitions, case studies, resources, and tools organized by where you are on the iterative journey of aligning an endowment with institutional goals. A growing list of sustainable investing options and corresponding providers from our Network is included Step 5 of the Roadmap which details the process of aligning an endowment with institutional mission. http://www.intentionalendowments.org/roadmap

Working Groups
Monthly virtual meetings covering member- and sector-generated hot topics related to rising trends in endowment management including shareholder engagement, gender lens investing, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Explore options related to your specific area of interest and expertise: http://www.intentionalendowments.org/working_groups


Leadership Committees 

The Steering Committee is a cohort of trustees and executives from the higher education sector as well as financial industry experts who convene twice per year to provide strategic input and guidance.  IEN Members are invited to apply to join, or to nominate a prospective steering committee member: http://www.intentionalendowments.org/steering_comm

The Executive Committee is a subset of the Steering Committee that meets more frequently and actively advises on IEN’s activities: http://www.intentionalendowments.org/executive_committee

Leadership Recognition

Individual Membership Profile Landing Page
We will create a basic “profile page” to share any public information about your sustainable investing activities, unless you request not to have one. Please let us know if there are any resources (articles, reports, etc.) you would like us to include. Your organization will be added to the membership list, unless you request to not be listed: http://www.intentionalendowments.org/membership


Brand Affiliation
IEN Members are encouraged to include the IEN Logo on their company or institution website and other brand materials. Issuing a press release is a recommended tactic for generating awareness of your leadership and affiliation. See press release examples from
Callan and Arnerich Massena



Exclusive and Discounted Access to In-Person Events
The annual Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit is IEN’s flagship event, hosting more than 300 leadership from colleges and universities across the country for action-oriented workshops on sustainability across the sector, with a dedicated track for endowment management. View details about the next Summit and RSVP: http://higheredclimatesummit.org/

Learn about other upcoming events at which members can learn together with peer experts and build the field of intentional endowment management:  http://www.intentionalendowments.org/upcoming_events 

In addition to peer learning and networking events hosted by IEN, our members receive discounted access to other conferences and meetings across the country through our partnerships with other conveners.


A Quick Action Guide to Gain Value from Your Membership with IEN:

Questions about taking action or engaging with the Network? Contact us at info@intentionalendowments.org.




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