Net Zero Endowments Briefing Paper

Published July 2021

This briefing paper aims to provide endowment decision-makers and their service providers with an introductory, high-level overview of net zero portfolio commitments. It provides clarity to the following questions:

• What does it mean to have a net zero commitment?
• What does it entail to make and implement such a commitment?
• What are the key resources, initiatives, and groups involved in the space?

References to detailed guides; and additional resources on the various aspects of implementing a net zero commitment will be developed as follow-up resources to this briefing in the Net Zero Roadmap.





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This document is made available through IEN’s Net Zero Endowments initiative, led by a diverse Leadership Committee of endowments, investment consultants, managers, data providers, Outsourced CIOs, and nonprofit partners. 

The briefing paper is made possible by the support of:











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