Press Coverage 2020

"Divestment Was Predicted to Falter in a Downturn. It Didn't" | FundFire May 5, 2020

Harvard didn’t divest from fossil fuels. So what does its ‘net-zero’ pledge mean? | GRIST May 5, 2020

Cultural Shifts and Better Performance Drive Investors to ESG Investments | Market Currents WealthNet, March 5, 2020

Study Bolsters Case for Endowments’ Sustainable Investing | Chief Investment Officer, March 4, 2020

University Endowments Steer from Tradition, Enhance Returns With Sustainable Strategies: Report | Fin News, February 27, 2020

ESG-Friendly Endowments Don't Pay a Performance PriceFundFire, February 24, 2020

Study Finds Good News for 11 College Endowments That Embraced Sustainable Investing | ThinkAdvisor, February 21, 2020

A Playbook for Woke Investing? | Inside Higher Ed, February 20, 2020

Study Makes Case for ESG Investment Strategies for College Endowments | Philanthropy News Digest, February 20, 2020

The Brief | ImpactAlpha, February 20, 2020

Universities Benefit from Sustainable Investment — Report | E&E News Climatewire, February 20, 2020

Case Study: Becker Shows Colleges Can Take Responsible Investing to the Bank | Worcester Telegram & Gazette, February 20, 2020

Good Grades: Higher Ed’s ESG Investments Match or Beat Returns of Peers, Study Says | Karma, February 20, 2020

Las Instituciones de EE.UU. que han Invertido en Estrategias Socialmente Responsables han Batido o Igualado a Sus Pares | Funds Society, February 20, 2020

Early Returns on Sustainability Investing Encouraging for Higher-Ed “Early Adopters” | Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies, February 19, 2020

Could Endowment ESG Performance Hold Lessons for Retail Advisors? | Wealth Management, February 19, 2020

Harvard Faculty Votes Overwhelmingly to Support Divestment | FundFire, February 5, 2020

Managing an Endowment Requires Eco-Consciousness | Wake Forest Old Gold and Black, January 15, 2020

What's Pushing U.S. Banks Deeper Into ESGAmerican Banker, January 13, 2020


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