Pythia Capital

We are pioneering the development of a systems-based design investment process inspired by natural principles to invest in and build up global public and private businesses. The advantages of this approach are numerous such as finding breakthrough innovations earlier and more systematically than other investment approaches, strong financial returns, significantly better risk management processes, more efficient and lean business and financial practices, better alignment of incentives for all stakeholders, and solving more complex problems in society at the root cause.

We screen the companies very carefully using this highly visionary and integrated process to include only those businesses that apply novel science, technologies and business models that are highly effective, safe, cost effective, and do not result in unnecessary trade-offs to society and the environment. The main principles lead to more optimal, balanced solutions to complicated problems. We follow up this highly differentiated screening process with rigorous and detailed due diligence. Our investment models and financial terms/structures also follow these principles. Our disciplined process helps to identify both opportunities and risks for businesses that other investment approaches routinely miss in any industry at any stage of development. We assist the businesses in client portfolios with any of their ongoing resource needs with our extensive global executive, scientific, technical, and operating network.





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