Rina Lakhlani

  • published Unlocking A New Era of Engagement in Blog 2021-08-12 09:29:32 -0400

    Unlocking A New Era of Engagement

    Rina Lakhlani, Sustainability Intern at IEN in this blog explores popular strategies to advance activism within the sustainable investing space. Rina equally celebrates Engine No. 1 recent success in winning three seats on Exxon Board to advance a long-term strategy on climate risk and impact Exxon’s carbon footprint, and calls on investors to rethink their engagement strategies. 

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  • Weekly News Round-Up: July 30, 2021

    We are excited to announce that our annual Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit will be held on February 6-8, 2022, in Miami, Florida!  We are currently accepting proposal submissions. Please submit an abstract for this upcoming premier gathering of higher education leaders before August 31, 2021.

    In this week’s news, you are invited to sign an investor letter urging Congress to support the For the People Act to help create a level playing field for all Americans to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. The sign opportunity ends today!

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