San Francisco State University

Endowment Value: $90.7 million (June 2018)

San Francisco State University is a public university located in San Francisco, California. It is a part of the California State University system. The endowment is managed by the San Francisco State University Foundation, which is an organization dedicated solely to philanthropy. 

In 2013, after working with student activists, the SF State Foundation voted unanimously to divest from all coal and tar sands companies, becoming the first public university and the first school on the west coast to do so. It also committed to researching the possibility of divestment from all fossil fuel companies.

In 2015, the SFSU Board was in the process of allocating $5 million to establish a green fund, as well as establishing a $500,000 student-managed investment fund. The goal of the student-managed fund is to expose students of different academic backgrounds to different aspects of SRI investing—for example, exposing business students to ESG principles or exposing environmental science students to finance. The SF State Foundation also conducted a carbon footprint of its portfolio and will measure the change in its footprint over time.

In 2016, SFSU partnered with IEN to host the Intentionally Designed Endowments Forum with the goal to advance the conversation on endowment investing by bringing together campus decision makers such as presidents, trustees, CFOs, CIOs, and others from campuses in California and the region.


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