Natixis Sustainable Future Funds: Weathering the Pandemic

This post by Natixis is part of a series in which IEN members will share their thinking about intentional endowment investing in the face of this global pandemic. Follow along to get insight into the new challenges and opportunities we as a network are facing


As we process and learn how to adapt to the changes in our lives and economy caused by the pandemic, Natixis Investment Managers has been reflecting on lessons around ESG investing. In this post, we are sharing recent analysis and proactive solutions on ways to construct portfolios for better outcomes in all markets amid the crisis.


Two articles from our team are of particular relevance to the IEN community: a video on sustainable strategies and performance in the market downturn; and insight on ways investors can stay the course in changing markets.

Sustainable Strategies Proved Resilient in Market Downturn. | A video discussing Mirova’s sustainable investing strategies in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and market volatility by Jens Peers, Portfolio Manager.


Natixis Sustainable Future Funds: Weathering the Pandemic. | Portfolio Manager Christopher Sharpe discusses how target-date funds can make it easier for investors to stay the course in changing markets.

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