Stewart Investors Sustainable Funds Group

Founded in 1988, Stewart Investors run Worldwide, Emerging Markets, Asia-Pacific, European and Indian Subcontinent equity investment strategies. Pioneers of sustainable investing, the Group launched its first sustainability fund in 2005, and to this day sustainability remains integral to their investment process. They believe companies that deliver benefits to society and the environment face fewer risks over the long term and are therefore better placed to deliver positive returns to shareholders. Their investment philosophy centres around the principle of good stewardship - careful, considered and responsible management of client’s funds - with sustainability at the heart of this process. Every member of the investment team is a sustainability analyst in their own right, and are sworn to a strict code of conduct known as the Hippocratic Oath. By signing, they pledge to uphold the principle of stewardship through their conduct, and commit to always act in the interests of clients and society.



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