Sustainable Investment Funds

Brown University (Brown University Sustainable Investment Fund)

American University (Sustainability Plan and Commitment to create a Green Investment Fund) 

Concordia University ($5 million fund committed to social and ethical investing)

Dickinson College (Sustainable Investment Initiative: invested $8 million as of 2014 in Investure's Sustainable Series) 

Haverford College ($9 million in renewable energy focused funds) 

Middlebury College ($25 million as of 2014 committed to Investure's Sustainable Series) 

Oberlin College ($5 million commitment to Impact Investment Platform) 

San Francisco State University Foundation ($5 million "Green Fund" with investment in fixed income and various public equity funds) 

Tufts University (Sustainability Investment Fund) 

The University of British Columbia (Established as a $35 million fund, donors may contribute to the fund over time, fossil fuel free)

University of California ($1 billion commitment to investing in climate change solutions) 

University of New Hampshire Foundation ($4 million as of 2018 committed to ESG focused investment pool)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Resolution to focus on clean energy investments) 

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh ($13 million in renewable energy and community development investments) 


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