Tharun Pesara

Tharun Reddy Pesara, Intern, Intentional Endowments Network

Tharun Pesara (He/him/his) is a recent graduate from esteemed Babson college with double major in Quantitative Finance and Business Statistics. He is from India, where he has worked with high school students in collaboration with top educational startups in India to organize and execute Experiential educational conferences in a career simulated environment. He was part of India's famed fellowship called Jagriti Yatra, where a selected few would be taken on a  15 day train journey to understand and solve India's problems through Social entrepreneurship. During his college at Babson, he researched ESG financing, how ESG factors could impact a company's financials in the long run, and how ESG practices would be in line with companies' risk management practices. When not googling about the next big thing in the world, Tharun is passionate about chess, is a pandemic induced chef, an occasional poet and always looking out to interact with new inspiring people.                     


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