The Business Case for ESG

The Intentional Endowments Network's "Business Case for ESG" briefing paper was developed to help endowment stakeholders understand what ESG investing is, how ESG investing and analysis can be approached, and how ESG investing strategies perform financially.

Click here to access The Business Case for ESG Briefing Paper (pdf).

This briefing paper was developed by and in consultation with members of IEN's ESG Business Case Working Group. 


ESG Business Case Working Group members:* 

  • Fred Rogers, Vice President and Treasurer, Carleton College
  • Paul Carey, CFO/Associate VP of Development, Portland State University Foundation
  • Felicia Davis, Managing Director, Building Green Campuses, Clark Atlanta University
  • Patrick Norton, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, Middlebury College
  • Morgan Olsen, Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Arizona State University
  • Carl Vance, Chief Investment Officer, Lewis & Clark College
  • Patrick Drum, Portfolio Manager, Saturna Capital
  • Julie Gorte, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing, Pax Global
  • Lisa Hayles, Institutional Investment Services, Boston Common Asset Management
  • Sonia Kowal, President, Zevin Asset Management
  • Tom Kuh, Executive Director, MSCI
  • Elizabeth Lewis, Sustainable Investment Lead, World Resource Institute
  • Ken Locklin , Director, Impax Asset Management
  • Erika Pagel, Portfolio Manager, Brown Advisory
  • Tanvi Pradhan, Client Associate, RBC Wealth Management
  • Cheryl Smith, Managing Partner, Trillium Asset Management
  • Tony Cortese, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network
  • Georges Dyer, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network
  • Sonal Mahida, Director, Intentional Endowments Network

 * (at the time of original publication, March 2016)



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