University of Vermont

Endowment Value: $451 million (June 2018)

The University of Vermont is a public university, located in Burlington, Vermont. The endowment is managed by the University of Vermont Foundation (UVF) and is overseen by the Investment Subcommittee (ISC) of the Board of Trustees.

The endowment is separated into several pools. The Green Fund is one pool and excludes investments in unsustainable options. Another pool, the Student-Managed Pool, is managed by students and provides a learning opportunity on campus.    

According to its Statement of Investment Objectives and Policies, the Board may consider moral, ethical and social criteria in selecting investments or participate in shareholder resolutions that address moral, ethical or social issues. For example, the University does not invest in tobacco companies or uranium landmine companies. Although the Board of Trustees has rejected past proposals to divest in fossil fuels, the student-led UVM Divest Now group has been successful in maintaining dialogue with the administration regarding this issue.

The University of Vermont currently has an SRI Advisory Council that serves as a resource to conduct research on issues related to proxy voting, shareholder initiatives, screening and monitoring the University’s existing investment portfolio for indications of social harm. For example, in 2018 after research and extensive conversations on the options available to the University, the SRI Advisory Council recommended moving forward on a green bond strategy to improve the ESG metrics of a portion of UVM’s operating reserves.


The University of Vermont is a participant or member of the following Initiatives & Commitments:


Other Sustainable Investing Practices:

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